OK Girls, I cancelled the Gucci....

  1. But I soooooo need a black bag, that you can either dress up or down. I have $990 to spend. I've kinda decided that I want the speedy 25, which leaves me $450

    Please help me pick one of these bags. If anyone owns any of these, can you compare the leather, overall functionality, and style?

    first - Andrea Breuckner(sp?)

    Both Hayden Harnett


    Or lastly - Kooba Sienna - it's $595, but that just means no eating out for 2 weeks.


    Then there's this really cute one at Via Spiga, they have one left in black on sale from $260 to $199 (final sale). I don't know how the leather is and I don't want to get stuck with it if I don't like it. The price is excellent though!!

  2. either hayden-harnett, they're so pretty and i've heard he leather is awesome. i like the second one best.
  3. i'll put my votes in for number 1 and 2 :smile:

    good luck!
  4. I love the second Hayden-Harnett, very cute !
  5. visually I like the Kooba; but maybe that is because the handles are like the Silverado.

    Either Hayden is nice and perhaps better for the long-haul.

    I don't own any of the bags; but, the Hayden leather does look very nice.
  6. i like the kooba best, but even the hayden is good looking!
  7. The second HH.
  8. Me too, but it's a little similar to the Via Spiga and the cheapskate in me keeps saying why not get the Via Spiga for $199 compared to $400 for the Hayden Harnett? Do you think the Via Spiga is ugly? Or maybe the leather is not as good...hmmm.
  9. I like them all except the Kooba, the Sienna is so played IMHO
  10. I'm over the Sienna too. I love the Hayden Hartnett. I'd be curious to see if you like the HH...
  11. IMO the Sienna is a more casual-looking bag. If you're going for one you can dress up or down, I'd go with one of the HH bags.
  12. I really like the first bag...I love the woven leather look. Glad you made a decision on the Gucci though.
  13. So no one likes the Via Spiga? The flap is what I like about it most.
    *clears throat*...AND it's cheaper. lol
  14. Andrea Breuckner! Andrea Breuckner!! Is such a classic but "current" looking bag. Highly functional too.
  15. OK, great...you're the first one to comment on this. Do you own one? or know someone who does? How's the leather?