Ok girls and boys, it’s Friday night and hubby is out of town…

  1. Who is the celebrity hottie you are hot for?

    Come on Bbag girls and boys, dish :graucho:

    Oh and post pics if you've got em'... let the drooling begin!
  2. [​IMG]ian somerhalder from lost season one!!! :drool::love::love:
  3. Colin Farrell and Leonardo Sbaraglia... oh, and Gerard Butler from Phantom of the Opera :drool: :drool: :drool:
    farrell.jpg leo2.jpg gbutler.jpg
  4. fruitskeletons, he is HOT :love: and those eyes... ~swoon~
  5. Hmmmmmmmmmm

    Vin Deisel for the 'manly' factor

    Ryan Phillipe - cute in a bad boy kinda way

    Colin Farrel - with his 'dont give a sh*t' attitude

    Matthew McConaughey - fun loving hottie who loves Australia (and we love him!)

    Ok, I'll stop now...
    Vin.jpg Ryan.jpg Colin.jpg Matthew.jpg
  6. Viggo! Viggo! Viggo (from Lord of the Rings!) Deana, I know you're with me!LOL!
  7. Yay, 2 votes for Colin :love:

    Clake, Anderson Cooper is drool worthy... brainy men are HOT:drool:
  8. GEORGE CLOONEY. :love: hubba hubba :drool:
  9. ^^ my friend used to be OBSESSED with Vigo, me not so much

    I agree Clake, Adrian Brody is such a fine specimen, wow. He's beautiful in that strange sort of way.
  10. [​IMG]Clive Owen...those eyes, that voice...yummy
  11. I used to really like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, but he recently started shopping at my bookstore (:shocked:) and it's a lot harder to maintain a crush on a guy when you help him pick out books for his daughter every few weeks, lol. Really nice, well-read man though!

    So I have been forced to move on to Jon Stewart. ;) But it's hard to really have a crush on another guy when your boyfriend's as cute as mine is! :shame:
  12. 1. Matthew McConaughey
    2. Paul Walker
    3. Josh on the TV show Vegas
    :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  13. ^^ aww that's cute cheshire, lucky for both you and your boyfriend, huh. i guess that's why i have the hots for adrian brody, my fiance looks a lot like him, big nose included!