OK GALS....WELCOME DJO to the Chanel forum!!

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  1. My daughter and I took a trip to Saks today and had the chance to meet a new PFer!
    DJO-is a new SA there and is seeking your help in learning the CHanel line!He came here to seek Chanel knowledge to better help all of us!How cool is that!

    He ..like the rest of us...is trying to learn the names of the bags etc..So DJO..if you have any questions for us..Post them here!
    Glad to help an SA that is here to help us !!

    I myself am NOT the best at knowing the Chanel models..LOL..ask me in Prada language..thats another story!
  2. How cool! Welcome.
  3. Oh that's great!!! We all learn from each other which makes this place so fun!!! Welcome!! :heart: Emmy
  4. Welcome! Great Addition.
  5. welcome!!! :heart::yahoo:
  6. Very cool! We can all learn together!
  7. Yeah.... lets learn together....
  8. Welcome! We have lots of fun here!
  9. I am starting my education, too--so I'll put in my 2 cents ;)
  10. Glad you are here.
  11. Welcome!
  12. A warm welcome to DJO.:smile:
  13. Welcome DJO!! ;)
  14. Welcome! You will learn lots here, that's for sure!
  15. DJO big welcome, glad you are here..............................:yahoo: