ok gals, tell me about your patent ergos!

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  1. I'm thinking the red patent ergo might be the one for me to replace my poor sad metallic gallery tote that is going to the coach graveyard

    is it BIG? will it hold lots of stuff? can you fit a phone in the outside pocket?

    and the big question, how heavy is it compared to a regular leather bag?

    THANKS IN ADVANCE! :yahoo:
  2. Hey court! I dont own one but I can answer some of your questions.
    To me its definetely big, looks as if it would hold a ton. Yep you can fit a cell in the front pocket and its uber light. Like feather light.
  3. It's a very light bag. You'd be surprised how little it weighs, so it'll be easy on you. It's also very versatile, and will hold everything but the kitchen sink.

    I've only seen pics of the red but it looks so fabulous... :drool:
  4. this is my next bag too!! :yahoo: I can't wait to get it ... have some credit to spend as well. I say it's definitely a wise choice :P
  5. I think someone said the red is a really cool red

    I love different bags and I just called coach and there still are a bunch available

    I think I'm going to go to the boutique in the next couple days and order it yay!
  6. OOOOOH.... you have got to post pics when you get it! :drool:
  7. I have this bag in black and if you search patent ergo, I have pics modeling it and what it can hold. I'm on a different computer right now so don't have the quick link to it, but seriously one of the most awesome bags I own. I can't wait until it and I are reunited! LOL!
  8. found it! gorgeous, great size on you!!

    do you guys think red patent could be worn pretty year round?

  9. I have only seen photos of that red Ergo and it definitely looks like a year round bag. I definitely want to see one in person!

  10. Totally. Besides just wearing red on an everyday ocassion think about all of the holidays that it looks great at.......Christmas, New years eve bash, Valentines day, fourth of july or just a hot night out or simple trip to the movies. I love red!
  11. yes!!!!
  12. someone on here has a red one...i think jayhawkgirl has it and has some pics posed w/ it.
  13. Court, I think red is a very versatile color. Most of my clothes are basic colors and I am now hunting for a nice red bag. Unfortunately, Ergo Hobo is too big for my frame (5'2").

    BTW, I think your kitty is the cutest!! I smile involuntarily everytime I see your avatar pic. (And the huge beagle pics make me smile too)
  14. Yep, I have it and I'm SERIOUSLY in love!! I wear SO much black that it's awesome for me!!!

    I have a ton of junk in it and it's a lot lighter than most of my bags that have a lot of hardware!!

    I have 2 wristlets, a planner, a digital camera, an ipod and coach case, a checkbook wallet, a cosmetic bag and of course keys and phone in it with tons of room to spare. I even carried a green sig umbrella in it since we had a stinking monsoon in Kansas today!
  15. [​IMG]