ok gals, tell me about your Coach wallets - which one holds the most junk?

  1. I carry TONS of stuff in my wallet

    which one is the biggest and holds the most stuff?


    ETA: I think I prefer one with a snap closure on the outside and then an inside section, I like to be able to stick receipts, etc under the snap outside.
  2. I love my zip around accordian wallets. I know you said you like the snap style, but my Signature Stripe accordian holds 12 cards, and it has two bill sections on one side of the zipper coin pouch in the center and one on the other side of it. I don't use the coin section for coins, so I have been using that to hold receipts while I am here in FL on vacation. Usually that spot holds my loyalty cards, and things like that. I use a mini-skinny for change.

    I also like my three French wallets, they have two spots for bills, so one is usually for receipts, the other for bills.

    I picked up a beautiful leather Soho Multi-function Clutch wallet at the outlet but haven't yet used it. I like this bigger style better as it does have several slots for cards, a zipped section and a place for bills. It's bigger than the current multi-function wallets on the website. (If you can remember it's similiar to the one they had with an embroidered orange flower on it -- Hamptons style, khaki signature with white trim and the flower.)

    The Slim Envelopes are nice too. I have one of those, but I find myself reach for the first two styles I mentioned more often (not to mention, I like to match wallet to purse. LOL).
  3. Definetely this one:tup:
    Ebay Pics 289.jpg Ebay Pics 291.jpg Ebay Pics 290.jpg
  4. i agree with both of the previous posters, the ergo wallet is PERFECT if you prefer a snap closure, it is one of the roomiest wallets coach has.
    but i personally use an accordian style one and i love it, it has so much room and it zips easily so it always keeps you organized!
  5. i agree!!
  6. I don't have a snap one.
    I have the legacy stripe french frame one.
    I love it! 2 slots for bills, a coin purse, a pocket on the backside to slide things in and 6 cc slots. The turnlock on the outside is my favorite.
    I love the wallet. Only thing I wish it had is more cc slots and a picture id spot. But it's small and compact and fits in even my smallest bags.
  7. I agree with Krispin. I have an accordian zip around in chocolate optic sig and that baby can hold it all. It keeps your bills, receipts, 12 cc, a zip compartment for coins and a small pocket on the outside too. I wish they would make a leather version. :yes:
  8. i have the small soho leather wallet in lilac it hold a ton and has everything you are looking for i love it!!!!!!
  9. My biggest is the accordian zip around as well. But it does look like that ergo wallet holds a ton and has the snappy thing you want!
  10. I like you carry a ton in my wallet. I bought an accordion wallet off of eBay and I must say I'm rather disappointed in it. I think the ergo slim wallet is a better choice. So I will be reselling the accordion on eBay and picking the ergo up.
  11. I think my Soho leather french purse holds the most. It has 10 credit card slots, two sections for bills, and a pocket on the outside for change.

    But it doesn't have a photo ID spot, which to me is a :tdown: (but I love it anyway!)
  12. When I was at the outlet last week (Sawgrass) they did have leather Chelsea versions of the accordian wallet. Pebbled leather with a slim pocket and button detail on the outside like the Chelsea bags in navy and chocolate brown, possibly black.
  13. ^^ i saw that too and was tempted ^^

    but i'm considering this in black:


    anyone have it?
  14. Glitter, that wallet is soo perfect! I love the black and Lilac! The color is soo pretty!
  15. I have 2 accordian zip arounds (one in leather, the other in nylon) and I LOVE them as they hold a TON of stuff. (and I'm the kind of girl who only empties receipts out of her wallet like once a month...and I debit EVERYTHING so you know i have tons of receipts...)

    the french wallet is nice too...but for really holding a ton of crap, the zip around is my fav:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]