Ok Gals, I need some accountability!!! Be my witnesses?

  1. I am committed to lose 10 lbs.

    I have been putting this off, writing it off to "close enough" for literally years now.

    It's time.

    But I need some accountability.

    Will you all spur me on???? :yes:

    I previously gained - then lost - 50 lbs (during my first not so happy marriage). I did it on Weight Watchers and I have keep it off for over 7 years now.

    Now I want to go to the next level.

    Help?? :tender:

    Any tips, tricks, words of encouragement would be soooo very much appreciated :flowers:
  2. i have recently put on some weight, 12 pounds (god that sounds so much worse that 6 kilos!) it been from all studying and no exercise. I really want to loose it before my formal (our prom) i too have been putting it off, but enough is enough i need to get the ball rolling .

    Yesterday was acctually the first day of my diet, it didn't go so well as i had not one but TWO ice creams. Today i was much more successful, (but i had 2 big bites of banana bread!) i have been drinking lots of water, and tomorrow i will go for a walk, i don't have a gym membership unfortunately (i wont use it much until i finish school anyway) hence why i need to start a healthy diet 3 months before the date!

    so i will spur you on i will be happy to, in return i ask the same of you! together we will do it!!!!! we will look gorgeous!
  3. I know you can do it!! Stay focused and determined, and in no time you will have reached your goal!
  4. Go HM! :dothewave:

    I would like to lose 10 pounds...I've gained that much in the past 3 years, and the damn thing won't budge.
  5. My main tips would be to step up the fibre in your diet and perhaps hire a personal trainer?
  6. Here are the things I did:

    - recording everything that I eat & drink (trying to keep the calorie intake 1200-1400) during the weekday and let go a bit on the weekends
    - stop drinking that daily coke and drink more water (suppose to drink about 3 litres! [​IMG] )
    - exercise daily (either 30 min jog or 45 min walk & 45 min working with weights)

    I've gotten to the point that I've changed my thinking about eating and so don't record what I eat any more and now take the weekends off from exercise. I even manage to lose a pound without exercising this week but then again I was sick. Good Luck!!
  7. Naughty, I did the same thing!! Only my splurge was Chili's Chicken Crispers and chips. I did better today tho :yes: You???

    Purple, thanks for the encouragement!! :tup: After the first pound or two comes off then it's easier, but until I see results I get so easily frustrated!

    Lean, isn't it aweful how those last few pounds are sooo darn stubborn?!?!

    Bella: so true!! Fiber is an awesome catalyst. I know I really need to incorporate weights into my training as I exclusively do cardio right now.

    Sea: thanks for the reminder about writing stuff down. I did that when I lost my 50lbs on WW years ago. It really drives accountability and WOW what a shock when you find out you nibbled on stuff you forgot eating :wtf:

    Thanks for the support all!!! :flowers:
  8. Everyone talks about dieting. I think "dieting" is really the biggest problem. You can't eat healthy for a while, lose the weight, and then go back to what you were doing before. Any change you make has to be a permanent lifestyle change.
    I also think attitudes are an issue. We beat ourselves up a lot over our shortcomings. If you indulge a little too much one day or the number on the scale has gone up, don't verbally abuse yourself. Just forgive yourself, and make a promise to work harder toward your goals from that point on. Keeping a positive mental attitude has a lot more to do with success in any goal than you might think.
  9. ITA Arm :tup: I never say diet!

    When I was actively on WWs I loved Dorothy's Weight Loss Zone and her saying was always in my head, "one day at a time, no guilt and move on" :yes:
  10. I did pretty well for the last two days. I dont know what was with my but i bought 2 sticks of candy yesterday, i hate 4 pieces last night (of 14) thay had about 30 calories each so it wasnt suicide but i should've resisted. i also ate dinner pretty late last night which left me feeling gluglish to bed and this morning. so far i have dropped 4 kilos (8 pounds) however the weight loss isn't visible yet. I hope i do better today, lots of water lol.
  11. My Mom went on the subway diet and lost 15 pounds and I also heard flax seed oil is good. Good luck keep us updated:tup:
  12. Good job Naughty!! :yes:

    Coco: I take Flax Seed oil :tup: -- and yet, still trying to loose, LOL

    I did better today than yesterday, by WW points I had 23 total, but I didn't exercise.
    And for my size/weight I need to target 18 points :push: Which is just sooo litte food.
  13. No pasta or white bread for a while. No pizza(even the diet one's). Always buy non fat coffees and beverages if you can not live without. I even have cut off potatoes(even boiled ones) but this is not easy for everyone. Eat with every meal a large bowl of salad with balsamic vinegar and a spoon of olive oil. You can put some tuna in the salad or chicken and make it a main course. Do not eat anything fried.No unhealthy snacks like chips etc Once in 15-20 days you can eat whatever you like(burger, fries, pizza,donuts). So then you don't feel deprived. The next day you have to be extra careful. This will take you back 2 days but it may worth it. Eat only boiled or grilled meat with no fat with a little olive oil,lemon,oregano or garlic such as chicken or fillet(not fried). This is how i lost the 14 extra pounds i had since i was in college and could not lose them. Good luck:heart:!!!

    Finally don't think about food all the time. There are other good things in life such as going for a walk with a friend, going shopping or watching your favorite series in TV.

    Tricks: If you really like something salty and you crave for chips etc eat pickles. You won't even think after that to eat anything salty.
    If you want something sweet eat low fat candy or a sorbe.
    Always go to the supermarket after you have eaten a good meal:tup:
  14. I am 3 lbs down!!! :yahoo:

    I know I can do better too!!! I ate way best the point of being full tonight: I just need to focus on stopping *when* I am full :sweatdrop:
  15. Congrats HM! What exactly are you doing? Watching what you eat? Any exercising?