OK, forget Sabrina for a minute...come see my new love!!

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  1. I have the attention span of my 6 year old son when it comes to bags!! A VERY lovely tPfer helped me track this baby down. I had it in the berry color and it was very pretty, but once I saw it in the teal, I knew it would have to be mine, especially at the outlet prices and not full price! The color is even more gorgeous in person, and its lightweight enough to be one of my spring/summer bags, which is the other main reason I wanted it. Plus, you gotta just love that horse and carriage hangtag charm. On its' way is a pretty little gold ponytail scarf that was recommended to me for this bag, and it will just totally pop the gold hardware. Here's my teal Hamptons carryall - I'll post a pic of it w/the scarf when it arrives, hopefully soon!!
    teal carryall 001.JPG teal carryall 004.JPG
  2. Thats a great size bag! I saw it at my outlet as well a while ago, and they were gone a few days later :smile: Congrats, I love teal!
  3. I saw one of those at outlet, too, and they are gorgeous! I carried it around for a long while before deciding to put it down (didn't fit comfortably on my shoulder). Congratulations on a beautiful bag, and I love the color!
  4. beautiful I Love teal :O)
  5. I got that from the outlet too and I can't wait to use it! Congrats!
  6. It's so pretty. The color reminds me of those really yummy blue Popsicle on a stick...delish!
  7. Love that teal! :drool: I've been looking for that bag at the outlets.
  8. That teal is sooooo pretty! I have the berry hobo and love how soft the leather is. Enjoy her!
  9. That teal is TDF! Congrats! :woohoo:
  10. WOW! That is a gorgeous bag!!!! The color is stunning, congrats!!
  11. Lovely color, I love that bag...still not forgetting Sabrina though LOL. Enjoy and congrats!!!!
  12. WOOOOOT WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is hot! LOVE IT! Modeling pics please? Congrats :yahoo:
  13. Love it! I came home with that one also when I went to pick up the Teal Lindsay. I thought I loved the Lindsay but this one is just as pretty and was so much less! I haven't used mine yet, I was thinking it would make a great spring bag.
  14. Love that bag! They had it at my outlet, and if I hadn't just purchased Lindsay in teal I would've bought this bag!!! I owned it in berry as well but returned it and still kicking myself to this day because this is a GREAT BAG!!!

  15. very nice color! I really need to get me a bag in teal.
    Everyone seems to have a little teal in their collection.