OK, folks ready for the Sunday morning brain teasers?

  1. We have two today. :tup:

    1) 1= H in HB What could this mean?

    2) Find the one which does NOT belong:
    302 807 607 100 928 584

    Get your brains warmed up! :yahoo:
  2. you just made my brain hurt :wtf::p
  3. Nooooooooooooooo... I do not think on Sundays, and I do not do math probelms EVER! Where's Bag Angel? She's my math guru!! She'll answer for me.
  4. Not sure about 1), but 607 for 2? I'm terrible at these things.
  5. 2) 607
  6. Yup, 607 for #2!
  7. I got number two but numer one I suppose I'll guess 17?
  8. 1) 21 - a guess
    2) 607

  9. Sorry, I didn't explain #1 well enough. An example would be:

    366= D in LY
    366= Days in Leap Year


    12= N on C
    12= Numbers on Clock

    And so on....


    1) 1= H in HB :graucho:
  10. I don't understand number 2, why is it 607?
    I am taking a wild guess at 1 and saying
    1 Hat in a HatBox. lol.
  11. Hey, it could be! I don't know the answers yet. I know...groan...I have to wait for DS's teacher to give it to us.

    We thought of 1 hamburger in a hamburger bun. :p

    They are just for fun for his math class...but they get me going every time! I spend so much time trying to figure them out. :push:
  12. LOL^ I keep thinking about that problem trying to come up with others, it's fun yet frustrating at the same time! Please let us know what the final answer is from his teacher!
  13. I think 607 doesn't belong (it is the only number where the first number is smaller than the third number) but I could be wrong in my thinking......and I have an idea about 1 = H in HB only because I have seen a similar answer for 2 = L in HB.
  14. What's your idea? :smile:
  15. 1 Heart in Human Body