Ok fine, im spoiled – and I have pics to prove it!

  1. My mom took me shopping just because in Dallas and I had a BLAST! Man I love that woman! Ok so I bought the following…

    - Gucci handbag
    - Gucci crest silver necklace
    - Gucci money clip
    - Gucci twilly (but technically i ordered this online!)
    - LV bracelet
    - LV bandeau
    - Tiffany keychain
    - Tiffany twilly
    - Coach wallet
    - A LOT of clothes (bcbg, lacoste, zara etc etc)

    For detailed pics on the LV stuff I’ll post in the LV forum and ditto for the coach wallet hehe :smile: and the tiffanys stuff ill post here because im SO excited about the keychain! The Gucci money clip is for my brother, the coach wallet is for my mom – she loves her LV bag but didn’t care for the wallets but she fell in love with this wallet! The Tiffany’s twilly is for my sister in law….so I guess when you ACTUALLY think about it I didn’t really buy THAT much, therefore im really not THAT spoiled :smile:…RIGHT? hehe
    CIMG1913.JPG CIMG1828.JPG CIMG1848.JPG
  2. Here she is...my NEW love hehe I LOVE THIS BAG! its sooooo freakin cute! :heart::heart::heart:

    ok the last pic is the INSIDE lining....isnt that cute! i loveeeeeees it! :smile:
  3. ok these are my other goodies from gucci!

    - the money clip just came in...and im sure my bro will love it haha unless its MINE :smile:
    - the necklace i just love, exp because i have the matching toggle gucci braclet! that crest is just tooooo cute!
    - that is what im using the twilly for! I LOVE it!! i spend most of my time at school anyways and its a perfect way to introduce my obsession to school!!! :smile: and i LOVE how it matches PERFECTLY hehehe :smile:
  4. Ok here is quick pics of my other stuff :smile:
  5. Oh my gosh!! What did you do, rob the place :woohoo:Just kidding, you made some amazing choices...I see you settled on the duchessa! It looks divine...I think that you have just proved even more that I must buy one...Congrats!!!!:wlae::yahoo:
  6. You ARE spoiled! Congrats on your new Duchessa boston! :drool:

    It's on my wishlist, I wonder if they will have come up w/ another leather trim.
  7. I have the large Duchessa and I LOVE it!!! Its so easy to carry and care for! ENJOY!
  8. hehe thanks guys!!!

    and luxury gal i didnt ROB the place there were actually a lot of other things i wanted but my mom said ill have to wait...hahaha ok fine the only thing i didnt get that i wanted was a pair of linen pants, and thats because they were so freakin see thru, DONT DESIGNERS GET THE HINT?!?! i dont want everyone seeing my g string! haha

    Beejerry i think you should get it!!! and get it in that trim...i feel like that bag has SO much going on that anything else (like a white trim) will just take away from it!! but a GOLD trim, now THAT will make it all bling blingy!! get it get it!!

    and sunshine thanks...ur bag is actually what made me be like look she has it i HAVE to have it hehehe :smile: so if im spoiled, its YOURE fault! hehe
  9. great stuff, i love the bandeau and the bag is just to cute.
  10. :nuts:now that's what I call shopping :graucho:!
    the duchessa is sooooo adorable!! & I love the crest on the necklace!!!!
    congrats with your purchases!
  11. Wow, what a great haul! :drool: Congrats, you lucky gal!
  12. What a haul indeed! I saw the duchessa but in a cream leather at Gucci today and I fell in love... Love all the other little things as well, you've a very lucky girl! The LV scarf is pretty too.
  13. Thank You! :smile:
  14. WOW when you said shopping with your mom...you meant SHOPPING with your mom! :nuts: That purse is just tooo cute....great final choice! Now i think I want one too. hehehehe
  15. good choice babe!!!! I am totally getting the larger version of the bag at the sale!!!! OH yeah and the wedges!