Ok, finally pics of my happy family of bbags

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  1. Well after giving up my cornflower box and my GEORGEOUS, SMOOSHY Ink Twiggy to wonderful fellow PF members, I am finally feeling complete w/ my collection. Just wanted to share photos with all of you. :yahoo:

    Olive brown Day
    Blueberry Day
    Grenat Purse
    Black 05 City
    Caramel 05 City
    Sky Blue 05 Twiggy
    bbags2collec.JPG collect3 bbags.JPG oct 06 collection bbags.JPG
  2. Nice Family Shot!
  3. oooh such gorgeous bags congrats
  4. :heart: yr blueberry day...
  5. What a great collection! I think you have a perfect variety...
  6. nice collection!
  7. I just :heart:your Collections !!!!!!!
    Congrats:yahoo: !!!!!!
  8. Beautiful choices. I love your Caramel City:drool: and we are twin sisters with the Blueberry Day. :jammin:
  9. lovely collection!:nuts: :heart:
  10. Beautiful collection!!!
  11. nice collection!
  12. great collection!!
  13. What a very pretty and varied (colors & styles) Bbag collection you have! Thank you for sharing!
  14. Beautiful! All of them. Of couse the caramel is my favorite. I love caramel bags. I wear a lot of white, off white, khaki colors and it looks great with those colors.
  15. beautiful! the more i read this forum, the harder time i have choosing a color for my first bbag!!
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