OK..final decision: MANHATTAN GM or MONO RIVETING?

  1. I will buy one of these bags..!
    i love both, but i'm thinking about getting the rivet one because is a new style and so hot!:yes:
    any suggestion??
  2. I'd rather get the one in your signature :graucho:
    I'm not too crazy for both, but I prefer the Manhattan :yes:
  3. Wow, tough choice! If you really like both then get the rivets first then the manahattan because the manhattan will be around. The rivets will be gone soon.
  4. Since I have the riveting my vote is for that. I lvoe this bag!

  5. I wish!!!!:drool:

  6. Is the mono rivet NOT permanent??
  7. I prefer the Manhattan.
  8. I like Manhattan GM better~!
  9. I heard riveting is LE.
  10. I'd get the Manhattan GM :smile:
  11. I like the Riveting! :yes:
  12. Riveting is not permanenet, I'd get that over manhattan, but I don't really like any of them. I'd save up for geranium. ;)
  13. I'd go for the riveting because of it being LE. But IMO I prefer the Manhattan GM
  14. Mono Riveting! It is different! ;)
  15. :yes: