OK fess up...what's the soup can break in trick???

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  1. I seen this mention in another thread...what exactly is this??? It is used for the Mahala...correct???
  2. You put a couple soup cans in the bag and let it hang for a couple days and it breaks in the center of the Mahala better.
  3. I'm gonna let Robynbenz or Mick answer this one. In my case, it was the cans of garbanzo beans break-in trick.
  4. :wtf: OMG! I thought maybe you emptied the soup into the Mahala to break it in...:sweatdrop:

    So glad to hear that's not the case...:p
  5. That would be awful...I would hope not...I would hope that you would use cans that are sealed...LOL
  6. You are such a troublemaker, baglady1. ;)

    Come to make some mischief? :devil: YAY! Whatcha got up your sleeve? :whistle: It's always fun over here.

  7. Okay Ladies :okay:

    Just to let you know, I have NEVER used cans of soup, fruits or veggies in my Mahala's:nogood: I think I had read someone had tried it prior to using their Mahala, to give it a more "saggy" look and when Mick decided to take the plunge and come over from the Chanel world, she commented to me how she thought the Mahala looked so large (wide):wtf:

    I told her I had never tired it, but some Ladies liked to let their Mahala's hang for a few days with some weight in it prior to use. They felt the bag softened up a little and was less stiff. She asked if small dumb bells would work and I said that might be a little much, try a few cans of soup or something;)

    So, that is where all these references of various cans of foods came from :yes:
  8. ^ see? robynbenz started it.
  9. So I am one of those who initially thought it was weird to use weights on the Mahala - before Mick got hers. :shame: It felt weird at first because I thought I was "hurting" my Ms. Mahala. I used cans and light weights. I've used shower creams in the heavy glass bottles, I used a snow globe - those bigger versions! I was experimenting so as not to contort it too much. Yup, jarmom - to make it sag a little. It will depend how much you want it to sag. When it's just the right feel for you, it's a lot more comfortable to wear specially on the shoulder. Now this will sound super demanding of me, but I was too careful not to lose the round base. That's the saggiest I can go. I made sure the round leather cut on the very base at least does not fold in half. That was my own little project. :p It definitely wore better. I had mine parked for maybe 2-3 weeks.
  10. I actually used weights from my exercise room, since I'm lazy and don't use them much anyway. I have shoulders that won't hold a bag, even though I prefer shoulder bags. If I have worn in a spot in the bag, it stays on my shoulder better, and lays between my arm and body more comfortably too.