OK Fendi, what's next

  1. Has anyone seen the upcoming season of Spys?

    Where is Saich?:search:
  2. I have only seen the Tribal for a/w so far, which is the 3 coloured brown leather with multicoloured braiding and handle.

  3. And the metallic zucca on elux
  4. Ahhhh! I like the Metallic!:tup:
  5. Yes, the beautiful Tribal!! Having a serious crush on that bag at the moment. Trying my hardest to be responsible and refrain from this purchase until I bring my cc balance back to zero!
  6. I love the tibal. I am going to start a spy fund and pray there is still one left when they go on sale....probably in January:drool:
  7. I want to know what style they are going to make to follow up the spy and b bag ... it's been a long time coming ...
  8. They did come out with those new..unattractive ones. The "fall fug". Hopefully they won't be staying.
  9. Hahahaha! The "Fall fug"! I love it!! They really are ugly. I don't understand why the fall season is always so yucky...:crybaby:
  10. Its "usually" that way? I'm relatively new to Fendi so haven't been following seasons exactly until this year. Well I think Lit (or someone) said there might be an eggplant shade spy coming out. Who knows! Can't wait!
  11. eggplant...?? :drool: aaahhh..... cant wait to see.....
  12. Perhaps I was a tad dramatic...I am just very unimpressed at the moment but I have my fingers crossed!!
  13. Know I have been told that they are going to bring an Eggplant colour out. I have seen the Tribal which is OK not mad about it. It makes me think that Fendi had all these bits of leather left over from past spies and decided to put them together to make one bag.
  14. I just called my SA in Sydney and she said she didn't know when the eggplant was coming. She said probably september. I might get me one of those....