Ok fashionistas, tell me, how to I wear my long cardigan?

  1. I just got a long sleeve, hip length black cardigan on sale at J.crew.
    But I don't really know what to wear with it.

    Can you give me some ideas?
    I usually wear jeans and James Perse-ish shirts or dresses.

  2. I have a longer black cardigan that I got from Old Navy and I usually pair it w/dark colored fitted jeans, black boots and wear a tank top underneath it or else a blouse that has a print... Also, you could pair it w/colored leggings and tall boots would look really cute! Don't forget a colored scarf, accessories are always a plus!
  3. I really wish I had a good pair of boots, darn. I like your suggestion of dark jeans and scarf CoachGirl12, I have those things! Is belting cardigans still in?
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    Does it cover your butt or not? I would wear a plain white tee, skinny jeans, a pair of tall boots and throw that over with maybe a belt of some sort to accentuate the waist a bit. But I wouldn't belt the cardigan...just the long tee that I'm wearing underneath the cardigan.
  5. It doesn't cover my, slightly ample, booty. So I think leggings are out of the question.
    Demi, so belt the tee, not the cardigan, better idea. :tup:
  6. ^^ Yeah definitely. Belting the cardigan is a bit dated. Belting the tee and letting the cardigan flow is giving you a waist with a relaxed look. At the same time you could also dress it up for the evening depending on the shirt you wear underneath and the belt you choose, along with a pair of fitting slacks or dressy jeans and a pair of heels.
  7. I have a grey long cardigan and I usually wear it w/ a tank or american apparel T and a Tolani scarf.
  8. ^^ Oooh...that's another great idea!
  9. i have a long cardigan from club monaco and i wore it with the white ruffle henley tee from jcrew a couple days and got lots of compliments.
  10. I just got a white ruffle shirt from J.crew too! So, I'm thinking white ruffle tee, black cardigan and dark skinny jeans with black flats (I wish I had boots :crybaby:). Thanks ladies!
  11. I usually wear my cardigans with flats or flat boots, skinny jeans (or fitted jeans) and a plain T-shirt (long sleeve or short). Sometimes I put a scarf on too.
  12. Drat, I've been belting the cardigan! I have a giant Chanel cardigan and I'm swimming in it, so by throwing a belt on it seems to fit better.

    So, any advice I'd give you isn't maybe going to help you. Of course, you could always be my fellow over-belter. :upsidedown:
  13. I also like to wear it over a shorter dress :yes:
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    Made this for you!



    My three looks-

    1) Going out- dressing down a slightly dressy-dress.
    2) Wear to Work
    3) Casual w/Jeans

    *Avoid stereotypical colour combos w/ black (pink+black, red+black, yellow+black, etc) And use unique colours! (And more than one!) This will give the look depth rather than looking so colour-blocked and amateur.

    *Add texture! A simple cardigan gets lost and can look messy if you're just wearing layers upon layers of cotton and boringness.

    Hope this helps!