Ok Everyone - It's Time To Bid!

  1. WOW! how much crocodile in one place?! I'll be at the viewing with my nose pressed against the glass!

    Any London girls want to join me?
  2. Wowza:drool::heart:
  3. I think I just about died when I saw that Bleu Saphir Croc Kelly....insanely beautiful! And that Sac Mallette! sigh....
  4. elise - how lucky of you to actually see these! fascinating! :tup:
  5. how rare is this?????? where's GF and hermesgroupie????

    vert chartreuse!!!! (part of the auction)
  6. Ohmigosh Pazt - thanks for the eye candy.
  7. Wait! Where is DQ? Croco mini Kellys!!

    [​IMG] --->Braise!!

    [​IMG]--->Forest green!!

    I'm dying!
  8. [​IMG] ---> Sapphire blue!

    [​IMG] ---> Cognac!

    [​IMG] ---> Havane!

    [​IMG] ---> Sable!

  9. so many of them.....
  10. i know, i'm just dying here.................
  11. Thanks pazt for sharing!:heart:

    wowoweeeeee! lolx!:p its a major drool :drool::drool::drool:
  12. WOW!!! How gorgeous! PAZT, you are BAD!!! Do these things usually go for above retail on Christy's auction?? I've never bid w/ them ever! Pazt, does J have experience bidding w/ them??
  13. All I can say is ... :drool::drool::drool:
  14. Oh my dear G-d! :nuts: