Ok Everyone fall/winter is here fav soup?

  1. I love lobster Bisque, chicken noodle ,clam chowder. i love soup period:smile:
    what's yours? hmmm..hmmm.. good
  2. A good rich tomato bisque like the one I had the other day while I was out...it was smooth, rich, creamy, with strong hints of basil. I need to replicate it before tomato season ends here!

    Also love a good hearty chicken and rice and chicken and dumpling soup. Also white bean and ham soup, winter squash soup, rich potato soup, and just about any bean-y soups!
  3. butternut squash, vegetable with barley, chicken tortilla and chicken enchilada, cream of jalepeno
  4. This doesn't really count, but I just made a killer chipotle ostrich chili with black and kidney beans! Really hit the spot after a long day, with a bit of local cheddar on top and a dollop of sour cream.
  5. I make a soup for the whole family:

    Whole wheat penne cooked in chicken broth (from boiling chicken breasts) add 1/2 package of dry onion soup mix (time saver, can substitute sea salt, garlic and sliced onions), add shredded chicken breast and frozen geen peas (fresh will mush), before serving stir in a couple of tablespoons of Fage yogurt to each bowl.

  6. that sounds tasty!
  7. Caldo de res (beef and vegetables broth)!
  8. My grandmothers homemade tomato soup, she made it all the time for me when i was little, soooooooooooooooooooo good !
  9. Portuguese kale soup called caldo verde. Amazingly delicious!!!

  10. OMG, my favorite too:drool:. I love to add sweet corn to the soup, soooo good. I also love Zuppa Toscana, I love that I can make it using low fat ingredients. Here is a pic from Olive's. I also like to make chicken and vegetable soup, and all kinds of creamy soups, especially squash and brocoli.

  11. I love soup
    chicken noodle
    ham and bean soup
    clam chowder soup
    vietnamese soup
    tomato soup
    squash soup
  12. Oh, the steakhouse we go to has the best tomato bisque I've ever had. I loved it. I'd have to say that's one of my favorites. But I'm with you on the chicken and rice... I think that would have to be my all time favorite. I'm also a big navy bean fan!! I love soups.
  13. I love both tomato and potato soups...Separately ; )
  14. Mine is tomato bisque.
  15. minestrone
    lobster bisque
    clear onion soup