OK. Enough of tPF....

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  1. I need to get off the computer and do more house work. My desktop will remind me to do so :upsidedown:

    You might think it's a little offensive but it's been working so far, well at least for the last 30 minutes I was away from tPF. :angel:

  2. LOL!!! I need one of those!!!

    I wish someone could invent like a pop-up where everytime ure about to purchase something, a pop-up comes up with a msg like that!!! I'd probably spend less....
  3. I like this thread and I like your computer background, but separately. :lol:
  4. LOL! That's awesome!

    only thing is, when I procrastinate I usually open a TON of windows so I rarely see my desktop...good idea tho!
  5. LOL, too funny! Me too!
  6. I like that! I haven't seen my desktop in days...I have like 13 pages open at any given time... :wacko:
  7. Lol!
  8. lol !!
  9. Good luck with that. :whistle:
  10. I bet that's TPF on your tab!
  11. ^it so is, i can see which subforum too!