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  1. I am an Hermes neophyte! I've searched other threads but can't find an answer-Are the straps on the Birkin 45 long enough to go over the shoulder? Is that the only Birkin size that can go over the shoulder?! Thanks anyone!
  2. In all honesty, I think it depends on the thickness of your upper arm/shoulders..

    I was pleasantly surprised when I could fit my 28cm Kelly bag up to my shoulder, but I couldn't bring my arm down..LOL!!
  3. That's interesting, re: the 28 Kelly, joanna.
  4. Birkin 45 straps are longer than the others and could fit over the shoulder, but, honestly, the bag would be SOOO heavy, even unstuffed! I picked up a 50 Birkin and it was uncomfortable with nothing in it! Hope that helps!
  5. There IS a 45cm Birkin with longer straps, but it is extremely rare.
  6. Hee hee anything's possible! I know it exists, just wanted to know about the handle drop!
    Greentea thanks for being so helpful!
  7. Baglovingmom, I own a 45cm Birkin and just tried to slide it over my shoulder. Not very comfortable. I compared it to my 35cm and the handle drop seems to be comparable.
  8. OMG! Thanks for checking! Every time I think I'm over the Birkin I fall in love all over again. I was out for with my parent's realtor and she was showing me her new 30, so gorgeous and she has a great Hermes connection! I wonder how much I would wear it though, I have a toddler and for that $$$ I would want to wear it all the time and really would like to be able to put it over my shoulder.
  9. The discrepency in comfort could arise from the fact the 45 comes in 2 handle lengths (reg and longer, I believe). Yay, another 45 lover! I want a black Clemence one so bad! And a gold! And a matte ostrich! gah I could go on for days!
  10. True, the rare longer handled one is meant to be carried over the shoulder, still don't know how comfortable it would be. Then again, I may just be a weaking!! :shame:

    BagLovingMom - about a JPG shoulder Birkin 42?
  11. I have to agree with everyone it would be heavy!
  12. I can carry the 45cm, but then again I can also curl 60 lbs.
  13. woohoo!!