Ok, don't laugh but here's a pic of me & Kelly

  1. Of course, no one was here to photograph me and Kelly (lol) so I had to do the self-photo thing, and let me tell you - I have a hard enough time doing the point and click thing when I'm taking pics of someone else, much less trying to use the autotimer and then running like a looney tune to stand in front of the camera to get in the shot! :wtf:

    If my neighbors could see me, they'd have me committed :P

    In any event, hopefully you'll get a sense of how the croc bag, shoes and cuff look together...I'm modeling them with a brown suede H skirt, my H beret and my brown H cashmere coat.

    When my darling daughter or boyfriend come over, will try to get them to take pics (but even that is subject to their ridicule! They think I'm crazy for taking pics of me and the Kelly!!! sheeesh!!!! Thank goodness you all understand!!!)

  2. Tres chic!
  3. ^^^^^^^Tres chic!
  4. Hey, Rose, JINX!!!!! Crosspost!!
  5. I was first, nah,nah, na na naH!!:lol:
  6. You look great! My kind of pose....

    What color Kelly?? It's gorgeous against the black coat....:nuts:
  7. oh la la beautiful bag! Gorgeous shoes!!
  8. Lisa, great action shot, I love it! You look faboulous!!! What a stunning Kelly and ooh those shoes!
  9. Lisa!! You look great! I knew you right off....love the croc shoes/bag combo....love your beret.....there's something so chic about a beret.....combine it with a lovely lady and all the stylish things she's wearing......perfection!
  10. You look fantastic, Lisa!!! Love your croc and the shoes and the whole outfit and you do NOT look anything but CHIC!!!!! Beautiful!
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. love the look!!! so gorgeous!!! the bag, the shoes look much more alive on u than the still shots!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!
  13. Loving it!!!
  14. LOVE THE LOOK!! Just Gorgeous!! I love the color of the shoes, the bag and the bracelet.:heart:

    Is that an H bracelet on your wrist??
  15. Great bag and I like the shoes.