OK, don't have a Chanel YET, but I've been thinking.

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  1. Ok so after deciding on getting a Speedy 35, I read the Chanel forum and:nuts: is all I can express.
    A couple of questions that may or may not have been asked, and BTW I DID do a search
    I've seen the thread with the Chanel prices, but still confused about it all.
    I know $1,000 is not going to get me a Chanel purse, maybe if I spend a couple more hundred, most likely a wallet on chain. But I'm thinking that the WOC won't look "right" on my body, like it'll be too small ( I'm about 5'2 and a half and pretty big a size 14)

    So would a WOC be decent for my body? Or should I just buy a normal wallet? (which I can't find the prices of)

    Also, are the WOC chains detachable?

    And what are the prices of these Chanel totes? I don't know the name, but it's black with white logo, the one that seems to be bootlegged the most LOL

    Oh and if I do decide on the WOC would it fit inside the Speedy?
    I'm sorry for all the newbie questions but this wil most likely be the last time I buy purses for a LONNNNGGGG time
  2. Hi MsWestchesterNY,

    If you can wait and save a little more, you can get the PST for $1,600, if you don't think you'd be happy with the WOC. The PST is small too but definitely bigger than the woc and can fit so much more. I'm not sure about the handle length but I've seen some girls carry it on their shoulder although they're super skinny. I don't have skinny arms and I don't think it would work for me, although I can carry the GST on my shoulder without a problem. But if you were gonna pick a Speedy anyway, I'm sure you don't mind a handheld Chanel purse. By the way, the WOC will definitely fit inside the Speedy, especially if it's a 35. The WOC is tiiiny but so gorgeous, especially in white. I'd recommend that you try them on IRL. HTH
  3. I think WOC's look good on any body type. It's easy, versatile, and can go from day to night. Also, you may want to check out the camelia bag another TPFer posted buying recently. It's bigger than a WOC and in your price range. GL!
  4. I say go for the PST! I have a WOC and I always find myself wishing I got a bigger bag that fits more :sad:
  5. :welcome2:!!!! I will try to answer all your questions to the best of my ability...

    So would a WOC be decent for my body?
    I find that a WOC is amazing on any body type, but it does not hold a lot. It really is a wallet on a chain

    Or should I just buy a normal wallet? (which I can't find the prices of)
    The large lambskin flap wallets (the one I attached) are $915. I have one, and I loveeee it!!

    Also, are the WOC chains detachable?
    No, the chains are not detachable

    Oh and if I do decide on the WOC would it fit inside the Speedy?
    I do not own a speedy, but I think it would fit!!!

    Again, welcome to Chanel!!!

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  6. I'm trying to Google and search to see ppl actually wearing the PST so I can get a decent idea of how it would look size wise.
    I'm guessing it's about the same as an average tote?
    From the pics I'm looking at it seems about the same size as one of those random cloth totes you'd see at like Aeropostale, or something. ( Sorry thats the best description I can come up with)
    Am I right?
  7. Hi, and thanks for answering my questions. It seems to be a lot of New Yorkers on this forum:biggrin:
    I'd really like a wallet too. I'm so indecisive I keep changing my mind about these things, but squeee! I'm just so excited to treat myself

  8. the half-moon woc style is slightly bigger than the average wocs. though, honestly, i don't think a woc is limited to skinny women. best to try irl... chains are not detachable, but may be tucked in when not needed or for wallet or clutch-use (con: pretty heavy)... lastly, definitely fits speedy 35. i actually have used mine in a 30 ;)

    sounds like the Cambon Tote... no comment... get the pst! :P
  9. on the pst, does the material get ent out of shape easily? is it durable??? Not that I'm gonna carry heavy loads in it,but I don't wanna consider paying almost $2k for a bag that won't last
  10. ^Hi! :smile: I noticed your user name :P... if you shop at the Westchester mall, I love that place haha... go there often. :smile: As for the PST getting bent out of shape, well, you don't want to carry obscenely heavy items in it, but it should be fine. Some pfers lay their PST/GST flat when not in use, which helps it maintain its shape. Caviar leather - pebbled calfskin - is very durable. Personally, I don't like the shape of the PST, but you'll know how you feel about it once you try it on. :smile:
  11. :upsidedown::lolots:

  12. haha yea I shop there from time to time, I can't remember if there is a Chanel store in there
    I think I'd carry a notebook, wallet, makeup, and that's about it on a daily basis. And maybe throw in a couple of misc. items when I'm shopping for small stuff if that makes sense
    I'm really lemming on it, but don't want it to be all saggy and what not. And I'm getting the feeling that the pst isn't getting a lot of love on here :P
  13. LMAO yea my friend has the "cambon" totally fake, but so cute!!1!
    I'll pass on it!!
  14. I've never been but isn't there NM in WP? They carry Chanel bags and that's where I assumed Minal meant.

    How much make ups do you need to carry? I think, if you were thinking of getting a Speedy 35, a WoC definitely does not fit your need. Many ladies here own PSTs but GSTs are more popular, as it's much larger. But to tell you the truth, there are also equal number (or maybe even more) of tPFers who can't stand GSTs for the reasons of them being too boxy and straps not easy to wear.

    I think it would be the best for you to actually go and try out the bags. While seeing it others give you some ideas, it's really the best to see how they look on you and how comfy you are with the bags in person.
  15. I'm so stupid, yea there's a NM in that mall, I'm honestly always soo lazy and I don't walk on that side of the mall, I usually come in through Nordstroms, that's why :smile:
    I don't think I'd want to spend my money on BOTH a Speedy and a GST, how much is a pst, like 1600, with tax 1800? ( Sorry I'm horrible with math) then about $800 for the Speedy.

    I'm going to have to go to NM then and try them out, I'm trying to get in the habit of not wearing heavy bags on my shoulder.
    And I don't usually carry much makeup. Just a tiny makeup bag with lipstick/lipgloss, mirror, and blotting tissue.
    oh and stuff like bottled water, pads, etc normal stuff we keep in our pocketbooks. ;)