OK Dog lovers..how do they know it's a door??

  1. Yesterday evening I tool my 2 doxies over to my parents house for the first time. I have only had then for 1 year and they have not gotten to meet the "grandparents" until last night. So, we pull up to the house, which, like most homes, has a front door, lots of long windows, some short windows, etc. The dogs bound out of the car, and without waiting for me, run up to the front door. My parents had not come to the door, it was not open. Now, since the dogs have never been here, how do they know that is were we go in?? Have they evolved that far that they recognize that as being the entry point?

    I would love to hear what other dog lovers think!!
  2. Dogs are a lot smarter than we think they are. They see us open a door and see us go in and out of it. And they rememeber it.
  3. My dogs bark when they hear me come out of the elevator.
  4. The follow the scent of humans, which (after watching a program about how they train blood hounds for the FBI) apparently stays in the air for a several days!

    Other than that, I'd imagine they can just probably recognise a door as a door? They certainly know a settee is made to be jumped on!!!

    Clever pups!!

  5. And your pups are just beautiful!!! I have a matching pair!!!


  6. OMG, they are darling! How old are they?
  7. Well, now Molly (mum - black and tan) is 14 and Amy (daughter - red) is 12. Amy is nearly white, and because of it, now looks much older than her mum! Thankfully, both are doing well, and still scream about like pups!!

    Molly had a (benign) tumour on her spine about 4 years ago, that caused hind leg paraylsis, but thankfully, a big op cured her completely!! Last June, Amy had lost her back legs too, but when they put her under for an xray, she had a major heart attack!!! Ahhh, t'was trauma time, but glad to say, after being told she wouldn't last the week, I'm happy to report that she recovered her back legs completely, with no treatment - they were going to operate so don't know what that was, and although she now has sick sinus syndrome secondary to endeocardios, she's coping well on her meds, and is doing fine!!! They've recommended she has a pace maker, but I'm too scared to put her under again, and she's really doing well on her meds.

    Sorry, can you tell I've been up at the vets recently???

    Tell me about your two, they both look beautiful!! Two are a real handful, aren't they!