ok, do you ever do this??

  1. Here's my dilema, I think I'm convincing myself that I want something that I'm not sure I really want but rather I feel like I should have something of it in my collection....Suhali, and I know a lot of you are going to say it's gorgeous, and don't get me wrong, I think it is.....I'm in a progression right now where it seems like it's time to venture into the "next step" of LV and Suhali kinda seems like it's on a different level in some aspects.....The leather is absolutely beautiful but....I have to say I'm actually not crazy about the hardware at all (though I have a MC cles but did tell myself I would rather not have another item with the hardware like that) of course, I'm looking into starting with an accessory, which actually seem a little blah to me with just a touch of the hardware which I'm not that crazy about, though I think the leather is very nice.....Am I crazy, I mean how important is this in life NOT AT ALL....it's just strange but until I joined TPF I NEVER questioned anything like this, I could easily tell if I liked something or not......
  2. i'm not crazy about the hardware either, but then when i saw the Suhali L'Epanoui GM in the store, it was :heart: at first sight! now i don't mind the hardware anymore
  3. LOL I know what you mean about TPF having an influence over you...before I discovered TPF, I was like "Yeah, Coach!!! I never want to carry anything else!!"

    But after reading and seeing the pics of other members carrying LVs, I was:heart: :heart: :heart: . Now I am not the hugest fan of the signature Coach line...I do, however, like some of their all leather bags.

    If you feel like you need/want to get something from the Suhali line, how about the Suhali Lockit?? I went on Elux last night and it was on the main page....STUNNING!!!!!:yahoo:

    BTW, ladies, thanks for the conversion from Coach to LV!!! I am loving it:yes: :yes:
  4. The Lockit is actually the one Suhali item that I say WOW I like that when I look @ it.....Honestly though I just can't bring myself to spend more than $1500 on a purse, I could if I wanted to, but I just don't want to yet LOL! So that's why I figured I try something small and see how much I do or don't love the line before I consider a purchase like that....That is a wonderful suggestion though and I think that is my favorite Suhali bag!
  5. Before the PF, I owned non-designer bags. I thought more than $25 was too much. But now!! Oh boy, forget it. I'm hooked. I just ordered the new Prada Antic Cervo Satchel. I'm so in trouble!!
  6. Lola24, I know you're an accessories queen. You need to go to the store and check them out again. If you aren't feeling them, don't go and spend all that money for a Suhali. Suhali just has to strike you.
  7. thank you, you're absolutely right, like a voice of reason! I love the idea of the leather, but it is the hardware that gets me, I need a couple pieces in my hands again and then I'll go from there I'm just going through of phase of looking for less obviously logo'd items....which is why I'm doing vernis and epi more (you don't see logo's from miles away) and my only other option now is Suhali I think ( I know damier is not nec. Logo but I'm bored of it at the moment, sure that will change though)....And I think I just answered my own question, I think epi and vernis are truly my favorites!
  8. You can never go wrong with Epi and Vernis. Besides, I think you need a new cles for you new vernis bag your going to get.
  9. yep, that's what I'm thinkin, but which one??? I always like to not be matchy.....I think I'm going to do the perle reade but I don't think I want perle or framboise in a cles.....I have beige.....I was kinda thinkin of just using my cerises one with it....I need some new color options! I kinda want the damier azur cles but need to see it in person.....hmmmmm
  10. Yikes! You are right! I did not look at the price of the Suhali Lockit, just the pic on the main page. Holy $(*#)#& I am with you about not spending more than 1500 or so on a bag.:wtf:

    Not knocking anyone who does, but right now (I am only 22 and living at home) I do not want to have to listen to my parents about it!!!:rant: LOL

    That is a dilemma I am having too...I want either the Saleya GM or the damier Speedy 30. I like the Saleya alittle bit more since I already own a mono Speedy 35, but the Saleya is about twice the price of the Speedy. I am having a hard time justifiying buying the Saleya.:sad:
  11. Well the Saleya PM is like $225 more than the speedy 30, though a little dissapointing, I think you get a little more for your money with the Saleya e.g. the lining, cell phone pocket, larger handles....I def. see one of these bags in my future (I think) but I've made myself sick of damier b/c my work bag and agenda are that and I use them every day for work and on and on....bored.....anyway, I do know it's a huge challenge for me to use a bag that is hand held only, so though I love the price and look of the speedy (which I already own three of) I just think I could get more use out of the Saleya.....
  12. The Saleya PM is super cute...but I want something that is really comfortable to carry over the shoulder as an everyday bag. I am by no means fat, but I horseback ride and my arms def. are not very slender like some of the lucky ladies on the board. So I need to get the Saleya GM which is like 1090 plus tax......boo hoo.
  13. yeah, I was thinking you're looking at the GM and in that case IMO it's almost like comparing apples and oranges...they are very different bags to me when you get into the larger Saleya sizes......no interest in the medium size Saleya MM? it's at least $130 cheaper than the GM and it's a little more comparable in size to the speedy 30....
  14. Like you Lola I was thinking I needed one of the items from the Suhali line. I ordered the Sienne key/change holder cles last week and got it today. I must say - I'm not really feeling it. So I've half-way decided to send it back. I'm trying to hold off on buying something new until I see the new all leather Onatah that I hear comes out next month. I'm not sure I'll like it but I want to see it before getting another bag.
  15. cool, thanks for the input, I sometimes think I want something suhali, but when it's in my hands I too am not feelin it, then I talk myself into it again looking online.... I also have an issue with the gold hardware, I've always appreciated the brass on LV b/c it's classic and it's just always been that way (until recently), but when there gets to be too much it's just not me (and Suhal and MC has A LOT).....then you saying you're not feeling the Sienne which has SILVER, I think you're helping me realize my gut feeling on this stuff! the accessories are kinda plain with hardware I don't care for gold or silver so I need to move on......thanks