OK Do I REALLY need this?!?!?

  1. OK So Elux has free shipping right now...

    I am debating with myself whether or not to get the White MC Pouch GM...its $420...the one with the little zipper on the front...

    I really really love it, but I am wondering how practical it would be...help!??!?!?!
  2. You have wanted that for a while now!
  3. Have you got a wapity already? I figure the usage is pretty much like with that one.
  4. hmmm. think about what you would use it for..
    and if it would get dirty quickly, and stuff.

    well. free shipping, and an expected price increase soon..
    id consider :smile:
  5. I personally think that it's really cute but I can't think of a practical use for it- but if you love it, I say buy it- you can always return it.
  6. Stefania--I KNOW GIRL!! LOL I need you to talk me out of it!! Plus, I was thinking of buying it at that event we are going to!! :smile:

    Nola--I DON'T have a Wapity yet...but you are right, if I did have one, it would be way similar.

    LVBirdyGirl-- LOL the no tax and free shipping is KILLING me!! :smile:
  7. I'm thinking to maybe use it as a clutch??
  8. It is very cute....IF you know you will use it then go for it but the heart will be coming soon:graucho:
  9. You dont NEED it, but hey free shipping only comes maybe a few time a year aye? ;)
  10. i think this is the wrong place to ask whether or not u really "NEED" a new LV bag :smile:
  11. It really small I like it cause I have a cheap satin bag about the same size. I've been lugging around some precious mementos in it and the the MM is the same size and a perfect fit to slip it into the interior pocket of the LV. My concern is the red alcantara my bleed and I don't like the black because it doesn't suit my style of color arrangement.
  12. YES!!!! i love it, i can't wait till i get my hands on one!
  13. I love that one!

    I'd say get it!
  14. I say go for it!!! It's sooo cute!
  15. Sure..if you do think you'll be able to use it then get it!