OK, Disregard, Clothing, Hair, Hat, Sunglasses, Coat & Boots:

  1. Ashley Olsen in NY this week, but she hasn't yet been spotted at Fashion Week. This isn't to say, though, that she hasn't actually attended any shows. Stay tuned.......:rolleyes:


  2. Yep. Nice bag. Nice ring. LOL!
  3. I LOVE her Chanel bag!! Does anyone know the name of it?
  4. I hope the gatekeepers at the various shows read your threads, Ms. Prada, or this little lady is going to spend Fashion Week on the sidewalk!
  5. The only thing right about the look is her chanel bag..just it...
  6. She looks scary.
  7. It's impossible to disregard those boots! (blah)
  8. Love the Chanel bag :love:
  9. I believe the chanel bag is the baby cabas. :smile:
  10. I like her hat!! Look at me...I said something nice about her!! :lol:
  11. She's a hot mess! ( as my friend would say!!)
  12. Funny you should mention that.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    The Olsen twins made their New York Fashion Week debut today at the Jenni Kayne 2007 show in Bryant Park
  13. I agree, she looks awful!
  14. God and do they have to wear fur to everything? They are going to single-handedly wipe out the entire rat population...or whatever that vest is made out of.
  15. ummmm...yeah, I like the bag