Ok decisions! Which functional bag to choose!?

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  1. Ok, so I'm schizophrenic but what can I say?! I just can't seem to make up my mind and need an objective point of view. I've already purchased my small handbag/clutch for when I don't feel like carrying a bag around (LV Twin GM). Now, I'm in the market for a tote, when I travel or need to carry around my whole life. Option #1: LV Damier Saleya PM or Option #2: YSL Muse (med or lrg in choco brown). I've only seen the Muse IRL. Please help me make up my mind before I go :wacko:. The LV pic is one I just got from an Ebay auction (not sure if real or not).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. no other options? or ur limited 2 those only?
  3. I prefer the saleya, if you're going to check out the store, I would also have a look at the larger size as well. I like the muse but I prefer the shape of the saleya !
  4. I really like the Muse. I don't know much about LV, but hopefully someone will chime in soon.
  5. LV-hands down
  6. I prefer the muse, not a fan of LV.
  7. i would go with the l.v...im not really a fan of the muse
  8. The Muse!
  9. i saw the LV in the store, carried it around and stuff and loved it......i plan to get it myself when i save up the cash it seems like a great everyday tote bag and it's just adorable
  10. I like the Muse. I'm a LV fan but the Saleya is nothing special to me looks like a Granny's shopping bag.
  11. Shape-wise, I like the Muse much better
  12. looooooooooove the muse!!:smile:
  13. i think i prefer the muse, although those are both nice bags.
  14. I vote for the Muse!
  15. Well I'm open to other suggestions but those were the ones I had in mind that enamored me at the time. Seems like the Muse is squeaking by w/ one or two more votes. Does anyone know if the Saleya's sides are angled like that in the pic or is that one just a bad shot or a fake?