OK, decision time, need advice! :)

  1. After I posted the pic asking to identify what bag it was, and it was a YSL medium muse, I've fallen in love with it. Problem is, I also love the croc tribute too, lol. Now my question is, do I get the medium muse in patent black or the croc tribute tote? Owners of this bag, pls let me know which is nicer. I'm also only 5' feet tall, so I think the OS muse would be too giant. How big is the croc tribute? Please help me make a decision, thanks!:smile:
  2. Hi there!

    Are you anywhere near a store where you can try both on for comparison? I think the medium Muse would look nice really nice on you proportionally. Which size of the Tribute are you interested in? If the larger size, it is a bit longer in size...probably closer to the OS Muse. I think both bags are really lovely. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Both bags are really nice. I have the os black patent leather muse and I'm 5'2 96 lbs and fits me well. I guess if you're not sure you should go to the store and try them out and see how it fits you. Good luck on your choice.
  4. Unfortunately, I'm not near a store where I can try them on, so I'm going by PF advice :smile: I'm still stuck, I just CAN'T decide between the two. :push:

  5. Hi Babydoll Chanel! I'm attaching pics of all 5ft of me with the large croc embossed Tribute. Hope this helps.
    Tribute modeling pic1.jpg Tribute modeling pic2.jpg Tribute modeling pic3.jpg
  6. I think you're actually looking at a Large Muse rather than a Medium. I don't think they're making Mediums any longer other than for some exotic and specialty versions of the Muse. The Large is a good deal smaller than the OS, so I don't think you would find it overwhelming. Here's a great pic from Goldensx5 in the Resource thread that shows the size differences (ivory is Medium, Black and Red are Large and Chocolate is OS)...


    For the Tribute, I'm really partial to it in the Large size which is a pretty big bag (definitely comparable to the OS Muse). If you were thinking of going with a Medium Tribute, then I'd do the Large Patent Muse instead.
  7. Ah, thanks for the pics and advice! I saw a black patent muse online the other day, someone is selling theirs and it's in pretty good condition. I think although the Muse is classic, the croc is more elegant looking. What do you ladies think?

    Btw scholastican, your pics are amazing! You look so good. Is that an animal cage in the background, btw?
  8. Thanks Babydoll Chanel, it was fun to play model for a few minutes. My kids definitely got a kick out of it!

    Ah, what you see is our fabulous 6mo-old Maltese pup Lulu's crate. My son couldn't edit it out of the frame, so she "modeled" as well :love:.
  9. How about a cross embossed muse?