OK, decision time! Lexington or Reade PM??

  1. Thanks to this wonderful forum, I've decided to buy the PTI and either the Lexington or the Reade PM in Pomme.

    I am only 5' tall, petite frame. I heard the drawbacks to the Lex (although it's gorgeous) are that it's quite narrow and not easy to fit basic things in, like a wallet/cellphone, etc.

    On the other hand I think the Reade PM might be a little overpowering...

    I'd like to hear lots of opinions though... and I'll need to make a decision by Wednesday, as my bf is going shopping in London for me!!!! :yahoo::wlae::heart:
  2. I like the Lexington in the Pomme, but the Framboise is DROOL!!

    I like the Reade in only the Perle and the Framboise
  3. I would go for the reade. I am the same size as you and the reade fits me very well. The reade is gorgeous and I think you will loveee it. Have fun shopping and show us what you get!
  4. The Reade.

    It will not be too overpowering. I'm 5'7" and the Reade looks ridiculously small against my body (although I still love it) so for you it should be perfect.
  5. The Reade for sure, it's not overpowering on anyone no matter what their height might be.
    Plus, you can fit so much more in it than you can in the Lex.
  6. If you're going to buy a pti I wouldnt waste my money on the lexington. Im not sure it will fit as I cant get my mono pti in my pochette. Plus I find that the lexington isnt going to stretch like the monogram so you dont get much in it for the price you're going to pay. I would go for hte reade as you can fit a ton in there and its cute :biggrin:
  7. Reade.

    I have both, and while I'm a huge fan of small purses, the Lexington is impossibly small. I end up scratching my hand on the zipper trying to get things in and out of the Lexington, and I'm forced to make choices in the things that I carry - cellphone OR wallet. LOL

    Keep in mind that vernis is NOT a stretchable material, so what you manage to fit into a Lexington must fit exactly. There isn't any room for "maybe I can squish one more thing in there"!

    I'm 5'2", and the Reade is not overpowering at all. I think it's the perfect size to carry all my stuff (wallet, cellphone, sunglasses, etc.), and not so big that I could ever be asked to carry anyone ELSE's stuff. ;)

    And Pomme is an absolutely GORGEOUS colour!!

    Hope that helps!
  8. PS The PTI is bigger than the Lex!!!
  9. I would get the reade. That way you can use the PTI and the reade together.
  10. read pm!
  11. Go for the reade. I think the lexington is just too small.
  12. Go for the reade.
  13. Reade. It fits a lot. Lexington is small and the opening is tight, hard to hold anything in there. Always afraid the zipper will scratch something.
  14. Get the Reade! :smile:
  15. Reade so you can enjoy your PTI as well! Be sure to post pics and congrats!