OK decided to order LV agenda refills but...

  1. I have no LV agenda...:tdown::crybaby::p

    I've made pics of my current one and I want you experts to tell me (if it's possible) whether they'll fit...
    12-06-07_0003.jpg 12-06-07_0004.jpg 12-06-07_0005.jpg

    The agenda measures 6.2 x 6.5 inces and the rings are 4 inches with a gapof 0.7 inches between them ...(too much math?sorry...)

  2. hmmm... I didn't measure my LV agenda's ring gaps, but from the pic, I *think* the PM refills should do the job. Why don't you bring your agenda with you when buying the refills at LV (assuming that you're going to a boutique)? ;)
  3. hehe!not going.It's impossible...I was thinking that size too.
  4. looks like the agenda you're using the small agenda..
    here is a pic of my small MC agenda, HTH's.
    lv agenda.jpg
  5. haha Veronkia I think I will do this too :p
  6. ^ eh well I'm just started saving sooo...only refills for now.Agenda will come later for sure!
  7. Thanks Bag Fetish!
  8. OMG so sorry I called you Veronika lol, Im in a crazy mood and getting mixed up :p yes I will to have to eventually get an agenda, I like the look of the damier azure, which one do you like ?
  9. It's OK!don't worry about it.
    I like Damier for men:tup:it's a very good piece.
    I'm between the Mono Koala and Pomme Vernis (if I ever find one...)
  10. I just measured my agenda and I think the pm (small ring) size will fit!
  11. :tup:thanks!!!
  12. The small or PM seems to be the best fit for your agenda. :yes: But if it ends up not fitting, then you'll have a pretty good excuse to speed up your LV agenda purchase. Lol... :p
  13. :nuts:I have no excuses!I posted this yesterday and today (out of the fear of not fitting) I wanted the agenda!!!:roflmfao:
  14. I have a normal filofax with LV agenda refills in...and they fit perfectly.
  15. Ok I ordered them...they should be here in 1-2 days!Excitement in the air!