OK Chi had tumor taken off of foot...now what?!?!

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  1. My little guy had his surgery today...they are sending the tumor/mass into a special lab to get it analyzed to see if it is the good or bad kind.

    My question is what happens next if the tumor (God forbid!!) turns out to be the bad malignant kind?? Radiation?? Careful monitoring??

    Thanks so much!
  2. I imagine the same treatment options are available for pets with malignancies as for people. I'd wait and see what your vet recommends. Good luck!!!!
  3. ^thanks!! I am just crossing my fingers that it is the kind that isn't harmful!!
  4. What do you know about the tumor? Was it fairly superficial or was there some muscle and/or bone involvement?
  5. I wish you the best couturegrl. My fingers are crossed and I send happy thoughts. Please keep us posted.

  6. It seems that it was very superficial. It popped up on last Friday and we had it removed less than a week later.

    It is on the bottom of his foot...right above his pad. Basically, if he were a human, it would be on his wrist...does that make sense!!??!:confused1:

    We sent it off to be analyzed...I am just praying that it is the benign kind!
  7. Thanks everyone for being so sweet!! My fingers are crossed as well :smile:
  8. did your vet aspirate the lump at all before deciding to remove it? just curious...
  9. Your vet will help you with what your dog needs--it may be nothing further has to be done--just heal the incision site. If it was superficial and not very involved in the foot, the odds are better that it's benign or , if it's not benign, that they got it all.

    Best wishes to your dear chi.:flowers:
  10. Wishing you luck!!! I know, the wait is so hard and it can take days before the vet gets the pathology report. Don't worry, your vet will help you. It really depends on the type cancer that determines the next course of treatment. Keep us in touch with the result!

  11. No...I inquired about that to her. She told me that if it was the bad type of tumor, aspirating it could [in her words] really p*ss it off!!

    She said that if it were her dog, she would either monitor it for another week or so or just remove it ASAP.

    I am so anxious about the results!! They said they should be in by Monday, but I think it will be more like Tuesday.:sad: :s
  12. The 'bad' tumor the vet was talking about is probably Mast Cell Tumor, which one of the common locations found are on the feet of dogs. And the cells could easily get 'transported' to other locations, so that is why she said she did not want to do a Fine Needle Aspirate. Although some vets do, and as long as he/she is careful it should be fine. I can go on about MCT, but I don't think you need to get too anxious about the 'IF's until you hear the result. I hated the wait when I biopsied on my cat's tumor. It ended up being a benign tumor, but still, the wait was torturous! So I understand your pain and anxiety!!! Keep visiting Purser Forum and try to keep you mind off of it, even though you can't!!!
  13. Wishing your dog all the best.
  14. Thank you all so much for your sweet words!! I am trying to not get to anxious...its hard though!! :sad:

    My poor little guy is curled up in a blanket next to me on the couch with his little paw all wrapped up :sad:
  15. I know you'll take good care of him while he recovers. Prayers for you all that all is well. Let us know what the biopsy results are. we care.:heart: