ok checked MP sellers, now could use some help!

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  1. What kind of bag do you want ???
    The auctioans are for all kind of bags..
  2. I picked out the one's I liked and now I am trying to decide. I am either going to pick the MC alma or one of the others! What do you think of my first LV? out of these.
  3. I would do the one from let-trade (The reade) or Authentic LV Lady (the Vanilla Jasmin) as they are the ones I trust the most.
  4. Well the red Epi Speedy's gone. Get the MC Alma since you said you like it already:yes:
  5. what happened to the mc speedy you were so interested in ?
  6. what did you do with all your fakes?
  7. by the way...i thought you only wanted something from the mc line? and besides you said you have to save for the trip to sf so you can buy your bag in person? INSTEAD OF THE TRIP TO SF why not use that money to buy authentic items on eluxury? good luck to you...i am serious. i will pray for you and hope you will get a AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON HANDBAG ASAP!!! WHEN YOU GET A AUTHENTIC LV...YOU WILL NOT GO BACK TO FAKES!!! GOOD LUCK AGAIN...
  8. some where not mine and the ones that where I have gotten my money back for. The petite noe I am trying to figure out what is going on with it! I am going to have MP or LV look at it for authentication.
  9. I just wanted an MC bag it did not have to be the speedy! I am considering the alma, just waiting for my hubby to get home to make sure he does not mind. I am sure he won't:smile:
  10. thanks!!!!!!!!!! I was going to do that because I wanted to hold it before I bought it. (it might sound silly but I wanted to hold it in hand and make sure I liked it.)
  11. If you don't like it, you can always send it back to elux.:yes: They have a 60 day return policy and free shipping and are definitely authentic. It's always nice to have a new bag as your first LV.
  12. oh, i didn't know that! thanks, ok I am going there now to look!
  13. Good luck

  14. Didn't you tell us your hubby got Noe from Eluxury??