Ok, charity's great and all, but how is this legal?

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  1. ?? Is this a government auction?
  2. I had NO idea goodwill had auctions!
    Are these items aunthentic?
  3. Looks to me they are as fake as they get. Who would have figured?
  4. I also think they are fakes
  5. I don't know why Goodwill does this...I highly doubt that it is legal in any way. They do have a pretty informative disclaimer though, and unlike some of their other auctions they don't advertise it as LOUIS VUITTON HANDBAG LOT.
  6. What would be illegal about this? They call it a "handbag lot," which it is. They let the pix speak for themselves, and duly answered a question someone obviously asked as to reg. numbers. What is your problem w/this? I don't get it . . . .
  7. okay, so people donate their bags to Goodwill (fake or real) and then Goodwill pulls the bags that might sell above what the average Goodwill shopper can afford and auctions them off??
  8. All the Goodwills in my town do it that way!
  9. I am sure they are not trying to scam anyone. I think they get donations and they post them online. I would doubt anyone at Goodwill would know what is fake or not. I am a thrifter and I have bought a pair of Chanel sandles at goodwill for $1. They have no clue what they are putting out for sale for the most part.
    They are not saying they are authentic?
  10. Wow.. these are fake. It's illegal to sell fakes, and that probably still applies even if one claims that they have no idea concerning authenticity. That's pretty shabby
  11. Its illegal to sell counterfeit merchandise if that is what they are indeed selling. I've seen them auction fake bags with "Replica" right in the title.
  12. Is it illegal to sell fakes...YES. We all know that. Fakes will always be sold. It will never stop. Its the nature of the beast. I guess I dont mind so much if the proceeds are going to charity. JMHO