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  1. I'm seriously seeing this as my next car... Never been a fan of Jaguar but I'm so digging this! Hopefully the concept will be close to what they end up producing...

    The new XF, replacing the S-Type. Available autumn 2008. A struggling Jaguar tries to increase lagging sales while trying to capture the younger demographic...



  2. Saw those too... not nearly as pretty huh?;)

    Found this..

    For Jaguar sedan design, time stopped in the 1960s. Today's X-type and XJ sedans both follow in the tire tracks of the first XJ, which debuted in 1968, while the S-type apes the even older, early-'60s Jaguar Mark II. Design chief Ian Callum is determined to drive Jaguar styling out of its cul-de-sac, and the Concept XF is the first indication of where he plans to go.

    Interiors will use wood as both a structural and a decorative element. Jaguar cabins will be styled so as to emphasize their width, and technology will be discreet. The RD-6 and R-coupe concepts--as well as the new XK--follow this philosophy, but the C-XF is the first Jaguar sedan to do so.

    Jaguar has announced that the S-type will be replaced in spring 2008 with a car called the XF, so the C-XF clearly points the way toward that production model. How close is the C-XF to the XF? "It's that styling direction, but it's not that car," says Callum, adding that "it's a less radical version of that shape." He characterizes the concept's design as "twenty percent exaggerated"--particularly in its low roofline, its wide track, and its pumped-up details.

    The C-XF's 114-inch wheelbase is virtually identical to the current S-type's, and the concept is an inch longer overall. But the C-XF is significantly taller than an S-type and wider than an XJ. A supercharged, 420-hp, 4.2-liter V-8 mates to a six-speed manu-matic in the C-XF, but the production XF surely will be offered with a V-6 and Jag's normally aspirated V-8 as well. We'll find out how closely the production XF mirrors the C-XF concept this fall, when the XF will be unveiled, perhaps at the Frankfurt auto show.

    Anything much less than the concept, I won't be very impressed with:hrmm: I like the radical version:graucho:
  3. On a similar note, GM announced that the new Camaro will be almost identical to the concept car~ Lovin this too (although not practical for my lifestyle right now!) So glad they are bringing this back!

  4. Jaguar is not my fav brand...the new Camaro is gorgeous though.

    One word of warning--I was reading Consumer Reports and they recommend not buying a vehicle the first year of a complete body change. Apparently they did a study and found that owners experience more problems with those vehicles.

    Rather, they suggest buying the vehicle the second year of its new body style...does that make sense?! LOL
  5. The only Jags I like are the Series I and Series II E-type from back in the 60's.
  6. ^ITA those were gorgeous!!!!
  7. *****in' Camaro...

    (does this date me?? lol).
  8. I want the new camaro nearly as bad as I want my 68 camaro!
  9. Totally right:yes:
  10. Corvette Z07 To Be the Top Ride For Horsepower Fetishists in 2009

    Posted Apr 26th 2007 3:02PM by Erin Mays
    Filed under: Wheels
    It was a happy day for Chevy when its cutting-edge Corvette Z06 was thrust by auto journalists into the same universe as the world's fastest and most exotic supercars. It's a luxury vehicle in only the purest sense -- interior frills are minimal at best, and legend has it that many a Z06 engineer went home in a snit after the decision was made to motorize the convertible top because of the weight it added.
    That's right, folks, this baby is about pure performance -- and perform it does. Its 505 hp 7.0L V8 engine launches the 'vette to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, putting it well within reach of vehicles three times as expensive, including the Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes SLR McLaren and Aston Martin V-8 Vantage.
    Chevy engineers can barely contain themselves as they work to top the masterpiece in the C7 (the seventh generation of the Corvette), but to tide us (and them) over, they're taking one last crack at the C6 in the form of the Chevrolet Corvette Z07, expected to launch in time for the 2009 model year. Often referred to as the Blue Devil, the super-super Corvette will serve as a sneak preview for the 2010 C7 -- a whopping 700 horsepower will likely be achieved by supercharging the V-8 in preparation for putting it under the hood of the C7, and powertrain components borrowed from the C7's parts bin will grace the Z07's infrastructure.
    Supercars, beware.

    My DH is drooling at the thought of the C7!
  11. Oh, and it comes topless too:graucho:


    Doesn't it look like it has a face?! LOL
  12. 2007 Mercedes Benz Ocean Drive Concept~ 4 dr. sedan convertible.


    As a Benz owner & lover, I'm not sure I'm digging this~
  13. hummmm I could see THAT^^^ as my next new one:graucho:
  14. It'll grow on you lol they always do