ok call me stupid but I need help.....

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  1. It's 2:30 am and I CAN NOT figure out how to get the clochette thing on to my miroir speedy. I'm guessing you thread the strip through the holes at each end but which do you do first the key end or the bag end and the shield things won't fit through the big hole is there are special way to do it????

    I feel like a total idiot HELP
  2. Awww... sooo sorry!!!! Not to worry... I felt like an idiot because I didn't know how to unlock the lock thiny on my Panda Cles... :embarrassed:

    I've always wondered how this was done as well... :search:

    I hope someone can help you by answering your question!!! ;)
  3. I think you should go to sleep and then go back to LV in the morning and ask them to show you....that's what they get paid for and since you paid a lot of money for this bag, let the LV staff help you with it! Get some sleep!!!
  4. Ok...the end with the SLIT goes over the bottom of the Clochette. Its a TIGHT fit, you might find it easier to pull the keys out a little bit so the clochette is flatter. After you slip it thru just pull it all the way thru to the top and its on.
  5. ^^^John, I thought I was only one who didnt know that...LOL

    Anyway, Label Addict, you aren't stupid bcos you could know lot of things that others didnt.
    Arghhhh...but for this problem...I have no idea at all just bcos I have no Miroir Pochette :sad:
  6. :happydance: Yippee Thanks Selena it really was a tight fit but it's on now Thanks again.

    Good night all!!
  7. I had the same poblem!