Ok...Big ring, Garish? or Fashion?

  1. Hi guys
    While sick with the flu, I found myself watching one of those shopping channels, anyway, I wound up buying a London Blue Topaz Ring. It has a high setting and sort of vintage-looking, my mom has a similiar one in amethyst. Anyway, I finally got it; it is huge! I have a small hand; the setting is high. A woman saw it and said Pretty ring! My guy friend, (not bf) said it was garish! It isn't a diamond; I generally don't go for large jewelry, but wanted to try something different Are big rings garish? Or weren't they in fashion?
    . Give me some thoughts, please! Thanks
  2. Personally I adore big rings so I say it's all good but it may help if you could post pics.

    on another note London Blue topaz is the most expensive shade and it's rare to get it in big carat weights so you are really lucky to get a huge one I'd love to see pics!
  3. I LOVE big rings! I have a 52ct estate emerald cut citrine ring in rose gold and I think it's the coolest and I get tons of compliments on it (citrine is not very expensive, but orange is my fav color)
  4. Personally I prefer big rings !!!

  5. 52cts!!! I so need to see this ring please post pics love love big rings and citrine so that's a winner in my eyes
  6. VERY hip right now!
  7. im a small girl w/small slim fingers and if i wear rings they must be big! i looove big rings. anything out of the ordinary will always get me. they are in fashion too. just make sure it feels comfortable on your finger.
  8. Um, I wanted to show you the ring, but I have trouble with uploading pix
  9. click on the paperclip icon and browse for it.
    If it's too big, resize it down to 195kb. If you can't do that, try taking the photo again on a much lower quality setting on your camera.
  10. I'll get the camera and take a pic, it's crazy, I only wear it on special occasions bc it's so big it literally goes up to my knuckle, but it's so cool, and it was a really great deal, I love estate stuff!!
  11. I am still trying. I have tons of purse pictures and it's hard to find!
  12. I am still trying. I have tons of purse pictures and it's hard to find!
  13. Thank you!
    It took a while, because I had tons of purse pix and I use Kodak EasyShare for editing!
  14. I love big rings! THey remind me of the ringpops I loved as a child, but this time more expensive... though not as tasty.
  15. The total weight of the topaz is about 12 carats, so this is a big ring...I worried about the setting, with such a large ring.
    So, I guess I should keep it? I love it, anyway.