OK Bbag girls I get it now!.... I have been converted!

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  1. At the moment I am like this:drool:I just got back from selfridges with my Nan as shes looking to buy a new bag (has to black~ it was either MJ, Chloe or Balenciaga) Shes V young for her 78yrs!

    Anywho im just looking around, and I see this white city I pick it up and look in the mirror im like:nuts: I couldnt put it down! My nan had to drag me into Dior i was like ah no cant let go! I FINALLY understand what the Bbag love is all about! I sware I am hooked! I have wanted one for quite a while but now i need one! And so does my Nan!

    I am just so gutted that i have like £500 of store credit for LV, and all i can think about now is ahh why why why cant i get that money back and have it for a Bbag! I have that money just doing nada, and i cant justify getting another £700 for a bag kwim, when there is money there already for another one!

    Im just writing to tell you Bbag lovers that im coming over to the Bbag side! And i wanted to know when your obsession started!:yahoo:
  2. Ha! Welcome to our club!:woohoo:Life will never be the same for you now!
  3. :yahoo:Luva~ it is so nice to have you here!!!:yahoo: Your nan is the coolest ever!!!:supacool: I loved reading your post!!! That's too bad about your LV credit~ maybe you can get LV accessories to put in your Bbag with the credit~ just looking on the bright side!!!!:biggrin::heart:
  4. Welcome to the club!!! you have great taste:yes: Your nan sounds cool:supacool: I used call my Grandma Nan or Nana, (I'm British)
  5. I like zacorey's suggestion about using your LV credit accessories for the bbag! Now, I am a recent addict (just got my 1st bbag a week ago tomorrow), but I started obsessing about bbags last year when I found tpf and started educating myself on all the designers. What I found was that while I wasn't "wowed" by most, I kept coming back to admire the bbags over and over. Then there were all the colors, not to mention all the lovely people on this subforum (who don't really help in the "not feeding the addiction" thing, but in a good way!), and I was hooked! I have been using my bag non-stop and keep staring at her. I've also found that I will find places to go just to be able to take her out!

    Welcome to the dark side :graucho:!
  6. OOOOH! Its started!!!! You will be totally hooked now, there is no getting away from it.

    I only have 1 BBag (Black City) at the moment, but since I've joined tPF I want BBags in all sizes and all colours. I've even been lusting after bags that I never really liked before!

    Mind you - I'd love to have credit at LV (I'm a bit slow on these things - how do you get Credit at LV!!!?)
  7. ZACOREY: WOOHOO WAVES!! thanks guys! I know how bad i will be with Bbags because of how bad I have been with LV! Thats a good idea to get accessories, but im still in the immature phase (19) of ah no im not spending that much on accessories when i could get a bag! Lol but mind you the new trunks pochette i am waitlisted for i could use my credit for that!
    I wish in a way i could sell it, but i know i cant!

    Vickylout: You get credit when you buy a bag and you return it, LV doesnt give refunds they give you store credit instead. Which in a normal situation im like =))) but now im like =(((

  8. Yeh she is pretty cool, actually I dont call her Nan she would kill me if she heard me saying that! She says shes too young to be called nan, even when I was born and I have to call her Barbie her name is (barbara) weird, but funny!:yes:
  9. You will be hooked on Forever now.
  11. If you ever change your mind about the accessories, I think zac's suggestion is just fab! If you look in the 'What's in your bbag?' thread, there's tons of pics for inspiration. Lots of bbags filled with pretty LV accessories! heehee.. welcome to bbag land!! :biggrin:
  12. welcome to the wonderful world of bbags!
  13. Your pug in your avatar looks like my pug Disco! Sooooo cute. Anyway you are tops in my book already. You like BBags and pugs; my two favorite things ever! Actually I think that is all my life revolves around. LOL.
  14. I use to be only a LV fan, however, Balenciaga colors just pulled me in! Welcome to the club! Can't wait till you get your first Balencaiga...cuz it wouldnt be your last! ;D
  15. Welcome!

    You know what's strange, is that I"ve never had a white bag in my life - nor wanted one - but yeah, I do want a B-Bag in white - there's something about each color that's special. The off whites are great too - have you seen the swatch for next season's Ivory? I think it's going to be Dee-licious.

    But I don't have a store credit ANYwhere. :hrmm:

    You are a lucky girl.