ok apparently I'm completely clueless

  1. I didn't think the fake LVs ever actually had an LV "authenticity" stamp on them? I have seen a few times on here,people asking if certain eBay bags were fake,and some of them had the leather embossed "Louis Vuitton" label on them.I didn't think the fakers would ever be so brazen! I will definitely be more careful with my eBay purchases from now on.I'll ask you ladies for advice if I have an interest in something.I'm really floored.:mad:
  2. Oh tehre are! Some even have correct date codes and embossed hardware just like the real thing. EBay has lots of good deals but you just gotta be careful!
  3. well then I'm so glad you found the forum! There are so many fakes to sift through on ebay, it's ridiculous! just a tip about the "louis vuitton, made in france" embossing: a lot of the fake bags have an oval shaped "O" whereas the authentic ones have a perfectly rounded "O". But i've noticed that some of the fake wallets on ebay now have a rounded O now.
  4. You wouldn't believe how brazen the counterfeiters are. They try to make their bags look like mirror images of the real thing.
  5. My question would be regarding shoes....How would one know if they were real or not if they had the real date code on them??? :blink:
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    Love that skit!!!! Thanks for another laugh Jasanna!

    I wish I knew the answer to your question, sorry!

    Most of the fake shoes I have seen are really ugly and fake looking!
  7. I used to look at the leather,especially the straps,on the brown monogram bags (the ones I am most interested in right now).But lately I've noticed that the leather is getting lighter in color,and I'm having more touble spotting the fakes. Of course the real LV leather is much more supple than most fakes,but now I'm really concerned,especially since the fakers are going SO out of their way to make their stuff look real. Do any of you own any of those "How to spot a fake" books? I'm tempted to buy one now.I feel horrible for LV that so many people are ripping off their great bags!
  8. LOL!!!! :shame: Thanks! I just watched it the other day again and had some newfound inspiration! I'm glad I could entertain!! Stay tuned for the next one whenever that may be!
  9. I am learning to look forward to your new avatars!!! :nuts:
  10. In addition, you can also buy templates for receipts from not only the Louis Vuitton stores, but Eluxury as well. A lot of times though, the prices won't match what you'd pay in the store so that's a dead giveaway. But yeah..if they'd go low enough to put LV logos all over a bag that LV itself did not manufacture, then they'd go low enough to put authenticity stamps and date codes in them as well. Anything to line their own pockets with more money.
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