OK, Anyone Have an Idea What Happened to This Bag???

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  1. Floor model?
  2. dang...

    since when is that "pristine" condidtion?!
  3. hmmm..doesn't look so good even though someone paid 405.00 for it.

  4. Thats the purse i use to beat my husband up ,when he doesnt buy me my coach purses !!!!! lol!!!!!!

    Cha cha
  5. It definitely looks very used...but it is still a gorgeous bag:love:
  6. I was thinking it could be sent into Coach but how would someone explain the war it went through? Pulled stitches, spots, worn edge, and I think the zipper was busted? Oh well... Glad I don't abuse my Mandys!
  7. i thought coach would only cover "normal wear" and defects? ie, no putting it through hell and expecting miracles? i mean, that's still a relatively new bag- no reason it should look like that, you know?
  8. I've had my shoulder bag for almost 3 wks, treated it so gently, and a thread pulled out by the zipper, just broke.