Ok, anniversary is around the corner and I want a bag!

  1. I want it to be classic, but have an artisan touch. Something that is different, but not "cheap" looking. I also want it to fit nicely on the shoulder and not slip.

    Bags that somewhat appeal to me are the attached. The first can't be worn on the shoulder (and is a bit expensive for me), so that's not good. The second is WAY, WAY out of the budget, but I love the look of it. I just chose these two to show what' I'm drawn to.

    Suggestions? I've been "mom" for so long that I haven't bought a bag that doesn't scream "I carry for kids too".
    1018_pewter.jpg 072RAMONAMEL_medium_fr.jpg
  2. You must be reading my mind as I have looked and looked at these. I can't get the Love me in time for my anniversary, but the Triple Zip I could. Looks like a nice all around classic bag.

    I'm soooo tempted by the Love me bag... sooooo ME, but I wonder if I would find it too deep? I hate digging for things in a purse and I do use organizer minis.
  3. Maybe you could try Muse Ten which I think should have a few of these bags in stock...or so the owner mentioned when I contacted her about it last month. They're in CA I think so they might be able to express it over to you quickly!