ok am I totally sick for liking this???

  1. it's a totally FAKE tokidoki knockoff but I am kinda digging the 'negative' version of the original print....
    yeah, the quality is horrible, and the bag style is uber ugly, but... the black background is kinda cool.....


    am I nuts?!!! :confused1:
  2. I NEVER buy fakes and think they are absolutely DISGUSTING. :wtf:..buuuuut that IS actually kinda cute!!!! :roflmfao: I love the print on the black background. haha...ewww...it would definitely be a "go" if it was real.

  3. it looks cool! too bad it's not real. My hubby said that they should have made tutti opposite. black with white outlines. i think that would have been super adorable, then we would not have to worry about it getting dirty!

    but yah, i don't think you are nuts! i like the print too.
  4. lol i like the black background as well..*sigh* they should have made one with a black background....maybe like transporto...but ahhh..too bad aye. Hazelnut, you gonna buy it?
  5. they shouldve released the 2nd generation OP with black background!!

    its ok, i saw a really cute amore something-or-other that was fake a while back and was like, "hmmm thats actually kinda, WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING?"
  6. i dig the whole "negative" look...check out tutti if they made it the opposite colors.

    i would totally love this more and buy everythng in this print!
  7. Oooh I love it... You know what have been cool? If they did one side with the black background and the other side with the white background. That would look so cute on a bag like a Ciao Ciao if you wear it folded. Or even a BV.. :drool:
  8. that would be a good idea! so if the white side gets dirty we can just use it on the black side. 2 looks in one! sheesh, lesportsac and simone legno should check out this forum for some ideas!
  9. I agree...lol...
  10. omgosh you gals I am LOVING ALL your ideas!!! the negative tutti is pretty awesome... as is the white/black idea.... :yes:

    Jessaka - I would never buy it. well, MAYBE if the bag was actually cute. but I only like the print...:p
  11. ^lmfao lol :biggrin:

    and, like that negative affect too....i would get tutti if it were like that.
  12. that is kinda cool <_<
  13. I want it!!
  14. yah that original print with black background does like really nice ... as does the negative tutti effect!!
  15. haha. they would have the coolest bags ever if they lurked in here for ideas!

    reverse tutti, and color changing tutti would both be soooooo cooool.

    sometimes i do like the way the fake bags look. some of them really are awful, but every once in a while they are cutee.

    i wouldn't buy one tho. too brand loyal.:shrugs: