Ok - Am I too suspicious?

  1. Hi

    I am in the UK.

    I brought a pair of shoes on the 5 October from eBay and paid via paypal on the 5 October.

    I got an email from the Seller within 2 days advising she would be sending out that week however we were having postal strikes so to keep that in mind.

    I was very patient but when I was getting packages that I ordered the day before the next day and my shoes still hadn't turned up I started wondering...

    So as I paid for insurance I sent the Seller a very polite email asking for the tracking number so I could check with the Post Office. She responded v quicky saying she was away but would email me the next day with the tracking number.

    She emailed again to say she only had half the tracking number (I think the last numbers had been ripped off?) and that she would ask at the Post office.

    She emails again to say the Post Office has advised they don't keep any records of recorded delivery items only special delivery items?? I think this is wrong but I am not sure.

    She says to wait another week to see if they turn up and if not she will file a claim with the Post Office.

    Now the thing is nothing like this has ever happened before, are there any time limits I need to be aware of to file a claim in case she doesn't do this?

    Am I being scammed or am I being suspicious?

    Do the Post Office not keep records of recorded delivery items?

    Help please:flowers:
  2. The post office do not keep any record of posted out items. My postmaster keeps mine as I just leave the items there and he processes them throughout the day when he is quiet. It is a rural post office and he doesnt like eBay parcels!!
    The post office used to have a book for special delivery items where they kept one sticker in it and the other went on the parcels but this got phased out a few months ago.
    My postmaster was told by the royal mail that any parcels posted out before the strike and during the strike would be dealt with first, but I had 7 parcels I was waiting for and receieved them the opposite way round. I said that to him and he wasnt surprised that the post office had lied to the postmasters to try and keep the morale up!!
    You should have received anything posted out before the strike or duting the strike by now though, I think wednesday royal mail confirmed everything back to normal. Were they an expensive pair of shoes?
  3. I am still waiting on a balenciaga bag that was posted on 10th October recorded delivery. I have spoken to royal mail who were extremely unhelpful and just said that things were still taking their time but if I had not received it by the middle of next week then the sender would have to fill in a form and send it off to RM with proof of postage etc, etc. Its a nightmare. You think because you have sent something "recorded" it is tracked but apparently they have no idea where the parcel is until it has been delivered and only then is it entered onto their system. RM did say however that the post in Central London had a huge backlog because they went on wildcat strikes for an extra week, so not only do they have to deal with loads of business post (which I am sure will take priority) but they also had another week of post compared to the rest of the country. Maybe this is why there is an extra delay! (she says keeping fingers crossed.)
  4. Yeah recorded delivery items are only tracked when it's actually delivered. It sucks! I guess it's just proof that the seller did actually send the item and it was delivered, rather than any kind of tracking for the seller. Anyways, she can't file until the item has been missing for over 30 days. So you should really ask for a refund now, as with paypal you can only claim within thirty days and she can always get money back from the PO or her item back!
  5. Thanks everyone:flowers:

    They weren't an expensive pair of shoes really - so I suppose it doesn't matter. I just hate the thought of being lied too. I guess they could still be out there somewhere!!

    Daisymac - fingers crossed for your bag!:sweatdrop:
  6. Sorry to hear your shoes have gone awol!

    I posted several items during the strike and most arrived within a week but 2 items that I posted on 4th oct and 12th oct only arrived this Wednesday and Thursday, and one item I posted on 4th has still not arrived. The strike has been a real pain!
  7. I believe paypal limit is 45days so if you have to file a claim, make sure you do it before then.

    I hope you receive them soon!