OK- Already - I am not in love - or should I be...

  1. I won a Stella last week for IMO a major bargain... $175 or so... I forgot about it until she arrived yesterday~alot going on...
    Anywho. I just didn't get butterfiles. I am soo bummed. :crybaby: I also discovered her interior pocket is more like a sleeve...:roflmfao: It is not sewn on either side-which was not mentioned in the description-which clearly stated not rips or tears. Do I want to rehab her or should I just send her back? I am seriously bummed I have wanted an original Stella for a long time and totally fell out that I won the auction so cheap-let alone got her in White - which I was wanting as well... Love the interior/exterior contrast...

    I cannot believe I don't like her. Maybe I am just demented right now...:shrugs:

    Does anyone know if this is first season or second? Anyone know the true color name?? Is it just White? Anitique White? Someone has to know... Share and I will post to Ref thread okeydokey!?

    WWYD? Keep her and fix her and maybe love her later? In all fairness I am in sort of a blue funk right now. Or just return her to the seller-I am sure she would be resold-possibly for even more than I paid for her. Opinions anyone? WWYD??? Here are some pics.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I know I am the first to say if you don't get the warm fuzzies - you shouldn't keep the bag-but maybe I should wait and peak at her again when my head isn't so cloudy- I don't know what to do!!! :hysteric:
  2. forenfinal, that is great that you found an original stella for a great price. maybe contact the seller about the interior sleeve to see if she would consider reimbursing you for mending it. And in the meantime sit on it and wait for things to calm down right now. i know what you mean though. I've sat on bags (no MJ) that I wasn't ecstatic about, and I did end up returning those. No rash decisions, though! sounds like you got a good deal, but yea, see if you still feel the same way in a week...
  3. Oh she's so pretty though! I love love love this design with the buckles. I say wait a week until you feel a bit more normal. Try her on with some of your spring/summer clothes and then decide. If its just the inner pocket then a little surgery shouldn't be too bad right?
  4. It was such a deal! And such a cute bag, great for summer! I really like it!!
  5. Holy cow that bag is gorgeous and what a deal!!!!! :nuts:

    I say sit on it and fix her yourself - you will always be able to sell that rare beauty for more, (unless you don't want the hassle).
  6. It is really a pretty bag! I think that "I" would keep her and see about having the pocket fixed, it wouldn't be much.

    BUT, I do know how you feel that she wasn't perfect.
  7. i think its really pretty too! i agree that you should get reimbursed for the mending. i say keep it and if you dont warm up to it for awhile just sell it. im sure you could recoup the costs.
  8. i vote- keep her, fix her, and if you still don't love her- sell her! she's so pretty.
  9. don't kick me... but i couldn't help laughing at the sleeve. too funny!
  10. ^

    Didn't know how else to describe it- What a shock when I was turning what I thought was a pocket out to clean... and I went to the bottom of the bag... ack!! hmmmm... maybe I should check it for change - could be like a sofa :roflmfao:
  11. "Sleeve" :roflmfao:

    I say sit on it for a bit until you are feeling better. You can always re-sell it at a later date, yk?

    BTW, it is very beautiful!!
  12. Keep, fix, think about it, if you still don't love - sell.
    IMHO, that's a STEAL you got there my dear :smile:
    I would think about that one a lil longer

    What I want to know is how those pockets came undone like that!
  13. Oh wow, what a bargain on that stella. it is quite a pretty bag. I think I would feel like you though. Since it did not come as described, I would be disappointed as well. The "sleeve" would turn me off, I mean how did it get like that? And why wouldn't the seller mention it?? BUT, it can be fixed and really at that price, it probably is a keeper.

    As someone else suggested, maybe email the seller and see if you can get an additional discount as it was damaged and not described in the auction?

    Let us know how it turns out and what you decide to do! And congrats on winning an original Stella.
  14. What a great deal on such a pretty bag. I'd have to agree with most of the ladies here...keep, fix, and then think about it. She looks like a keeper though!!! Pretty bag for a great price (except the ripped pocket, which I also would like to know how that got torn!).
  15. Tell me about it.... :rolleyes:

    It honestly looks like someone ripped the seams for some reason. The only way I can think that this was missed by the seller is that if you unzip the interior pocket and stick your hand in - you do hit the bottom of the pocket. - Move your hand either to the left or the right and you are IN the bag between the lining and the leather. Never had thaton a bag before. Maybe there was a hole that developed and the original owner thought something fell down in the gap and wanted to check and get it out? I have no idea. I know I stole this bag - especially in this condition (exterior and suede) but I am so bummed out. It is the same bummed I got when I found the Chocolate Softy and fell hard for it and got it and it just wasn't love either. I love and have loved all my other Stellas - just not sure what the deal is here. Maybe it is the color? IDK... Anyone know what the real name is BTW? I am assuming this is a 2001 bag right? :shrugs:

    BTW I did find 32 cents and some Tylenol Sinus tabs. :wlae: