Ok addicts...

  1. Ok...let me introduce myself. I'm a 22 year old college student from Pennsylvania. I just recently signed up for this forum. OMG I LOVE IT! So now I see myself wanting a Chanel. A nice, decent size...aka I can fit a good amount of things in it like, lipstick, wallet, cell, blush, camera, ipod, checkbook, etc. I'm thinking I only want to spend $1500. I should be able to get a decent sized bag for that, right? I see a lot of the bags that I like though retail for $2000+. So what do I do? Just save and see what I like? Or cut myself off at $1500 and that's it.

    ALSO...I have a red Chanel small shoulder bag. It's like a medium sized bag. But it's not big enough. I want an everyday bag, like a tote.

    OK ... GO! :nuts:

    This is the bag that I have
  2. How about the Petite Shopping Tote? Its $1350 or so and holds a decent amount of necessities..
  3. ^^ITA and WELCOME to tPF!
  4. i second a PST
  5. ^i agree
  6. Welcome to Chanel.....
    PST it is!
  7. yay! i'm excited...i just hope there's not a price increase before i can save up for it! but 1350 isn't that much.