ok , about to buy the macau clutch and kaola change purse....

  1. I am all over the place today. My bf said I could charge about 900 on his cc card :graucho:lol, i was gonna get a mono bag but I am about to buy these cute little damier things. I love accesorries so much. I should just wait for a bag. Should I get the 2 damier things , a BH, or wait for the new mono bag traviloi sp? lol Help . :nuts:
  2. I would go with the BH and the damier accesorries.
  3. Oooh, I just LOVE the damier accessories you mentioned, but then I see you have the possibility of owning that new Tivoli? Wow, such decisions....
    Can you wait for the new Tivoli, or do you need your fix ASAP?
  4. Oh you understand the fix, lol . yes yes, i want so many things . I wont be able to afford the bags after getting these 2 things, I would have to wait . it sucks. i need 10 bf's jokin.lol
  5. Wait for the Tivoli.....you'll regret it if you don't. Remember...the small things are only a temporary fix, but a bag is.....HEAVEN!!!!
  6. Omg, ITA! I keep getting "called" for these little accessory fixes, but then I remind myself that I need to keep focusing on the BAAAAGS!
  7. OOOHHH... HMMMM... I would get a few accessories, or a gift cert for something later!
  8. I'd wait for the Tivoli... it's SUCH a gorgeous bag!!! :drool:
  9. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  10. Go for the BH and Damier Macau! You'll regret nothing of the BH and the Macau will come in handy for short outtings when you don't want to carry too much.
  11. wow great BF, he is a keeper. I would go with a bag and 1 accessorie. what about a speedy, BH or neverfull, then a damier accessory?
  12. I would suggest waiting for the Tivoli. It's such a LVoely bag! I have the Macau but I don't think it would compare to a bag. GoodLVck!
  13. i would wait and go for the the new trivoli bag thats coming out.
  14. Go with the BH and an accessory... and keep that boyfriend!!! BH is such a classic bag, and you won't regret it at all. While at first I didn't see the purpose of buying $$$ accessories, they're actually REALLY useful. Go for it girl!
  15. Damier change purse... whatever you decide, make sure you get this, it's amazing!!! Maybe just get this and then save the rest towards that bag?