OK...a total newbie to ebay needs advice.

  1. Hi. I've been perusing eBay for years now, but I finally decided to open an account there and on PayPal because I've just got so much to sell and am trying furiously to raise money for that vacation I really need (and want!) this summer.

    So I've got 2 auctions going. I put up 2 pairs of designer shoes that I've worn just twice each and haven't worn in a long time. I figure I lose nothing by selling them for low prices, so I set the starting bid at $10 with no reserve. One pair seems to be going well, with about 24 people watching and 1 bid so far, and the auction doesn't end for 6 days. So I have a couple of questions:

    1) I clearly stated in my auction that I ship to US addresses only, but the 1 bid is by someone in Germany. I put an addendum in my listing restating that I'll ship within the US only, but what if the winner doesn't see that or care and lives outside the US? Am I allowed to not sell it to him/her or ask for more $ to cover shipping costs?

    2) What's this thing about chargebacks? I already stated that I'm not refunding anyone, but is this a concern anyway? I took very clear photos and described all flaws as best I could. What right does the buyer have to do this? What can I do to prevent it from happening?

    Any other advice is totally appreciated. TIA!
  2. This has never happened but if someone who is not supposed to bid bids on your item, I think you can cancel their bid.

    As for chargebacks, I'm not sure if buyers can still file a chargeback against you, but if you were afraid this may happen, just make sure you keep a copy of all your correspondence with the buyer and have a copy of all the pictures of the item as proof.

    Hope things turn out well for you!
  3. 1) It's your choice - if you do not want to ship, you can cancel their bid and then go back to your listing and make a buyer requirement that doesn't allow members registered in other countries to bid. If you do want to ship, it is absolutely allowable to email the bidder and let them know how much more you will charge them to ship to their country.

    2) As long as you have clearly stated all flaws and taken tons of pictures of the item, you should be ok from chargebacks. Depends on the CC companies though, but I know mine didn't let me do a chargeback until I proved that the seller didn't respond to any of my multiple emails and tried to make it right.
  4. I would e-mail the out of Country bidder and tell them sorry but read the auction then cancel their bid. I don't know why people can't read the auction and follow the rules. Make sure you send the shoes with insurance so there is a way to prove the buyer got them. You should be safe from chargebacks as long as you have proof.
  5. Thanks for your advice...now...How do I cancel a bid?
  6. Go into "my eBay" and click on "preferences" in "my account" click on "buyer requirements" and block buyers who are registered in other countries. I'm really not certain how you cancel a bid but I know it can be done.
    Hope this information helps!
  7. make sure you have checked in your seller preferences to block bidders from Countries that you don't ship to. make sure that you only have US checked in the auction block for where you will ship (I think eBay default is that all the countries are checked indicating you ship worldwide.)
  8. Good luck with your first sales! You can and should cancel the bid from the overseas sellers as others have said if you don't want the hassle of International trading. I would make sure to send a polite email to the bidder in Germany explaining that you've done it as per the auction terms etc. As for chargebacks, they can happen and I think up to 6 months after the purchase, but in all my time on Ebay (crosses fingers, tries not to jinx herself etc) it hasn't happened. You will also protect yourself by ensuring you've done all the right things in descriptions/photos etc as then a chargeback will be hard to justify. Try not to worry and let us know how these sales go for you!
  9. I don't believe this! One pair has a highest bid of $9.99 with 5 people watching. The other pair has a highest bid of $102.50, with 35 people watching! Both auctions end on Sat.! I so didn't think I'd get even close to what I paid for retail for either pair!
  10. Yeah, you never know with auctions. I've had as many as 5o watchers and no one ended up bidding so you never know until the end. Good luck on your auctions.