OK, a reveal (but I'm now on the sofa!)

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  1. Hello Ladies and happy new year to you all. Again it's been a busy time for me, but I managed to pop up to Cheshire Oaks this afternoon - wasn't intending to buy anything, was just about to leave the shop but then it hit me... I just had to take it home

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  2. Choc bays ?
  3. Looks like something chocolate... What is it?!
  4. Come on show a bit more!
  5. It's not chocolate, but it is a colour that's difficult to photograph so you might not get it....

    Flossie is almost there!
  6. Ooooooooh how exciting!!!!!!! What did you get???????:nuts::nuts:
  7. Choc Rox?

  8. It's a colour that's not often seen...
  9. Looks choc in the pic but could be the lighting, is it Stone?
  10. ooohhhhh, come on!
  11. tell!!!!
  12. could be a grey-ish colour?
  13. I know bronze leather bays ??
  14. or mink ombre bays
  15. It's really hard to tell from photos as it's difficult to get the colour right...

    however I can't keep it in any more!

    It's a

    GUNMETAL BAYSWATER - with silver hardware :yahoo:

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