OK, a little outdated, but Q on metallics from CRUISE06

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  1. I have a catalog with pics in it from the Cruise 06 collection. There are bags in metallic gold and silver caviar leather. It is not glossy metallics but rather light, muted gold and silver. They had several styles of these metallic bags and one of the styles looked like the Medallion tote in silver and gold. Has anyone ever seen these bags or own them? I have seen only a couple ever come up on EBay. Just curious.
  2. ^It may be the les marais ligne? Hmm... Have you checked out the reference library yet? It's extremely helpful. :yes:
  3. I do remember seeing a muted silver medallion tote at Neimans last year. It wasn't a shiny blinged out silver like the reissues but a duller finish.
  4. the Cotton Club ligne had a very muted light silver tote in distressed leather quilting with silver h/w and chain shoulder strap.....with the diagonal zipper in the front - retailed for $1995.
  5. Yes, I've seen the Cotton Club Totes in Silver. Not really my style. Too much like my Cambon tote that has sat in my closet for months now.
    I know I don't have a chance of finding that silver medallion tote from the Cruise 06 collection, but I just wanted to know if anyone actually owns one or if anyone has atleast seen one? I suspect they were made in very limited numbers?????
  6. ^Oh, I know what you're talking about now. I think I saw that one on eBay too. I'm fairly sure those are sold out at this point.
  7. Hmm... are you talking about this bag (it's the pochette though, not the Medallion)? :smile: It's a pewtery goldish matte silver caviar pochette that was purchased a few years back from Vegas, and it also came in a Medallion tote, PST, elongated bowler, and possibly some other styles from what I can remember. :smile:
  8. Oops, had to find the pic!