OK...2008 Navy Reissue *Pics*

  1. From a HK magazine I bought today, MORE-Sunday:

    2008 Navy 2.55 002.jpg

    2008 Navy 2.55 001.jpg

    It's middle of the night here, I don't have a scanner at home and I am using my cell phone, I tried taking the pics under different lightings, guess they still look pretty the same, anyways, there's another black purse next to it, so at least we could see how the blue looks like beside a black.... enjoy!!

    ETA: Celia, need your help to enlarge the pics....Thanks.
  2. Thank you so much for posting the pics! :tup:
  3. thank you for posting!! looks nice:tup:
  4. pretty one..
  5. lol we have so many threads on the S/S reissues we should just create a library for it hehe or maybe a main thread for all S/S reissues or something!!
  6. wow that blue looks so elegant against the black, the black looks rather dated IMO
  7. It sure looks like blue violet, the same shade of the ballerina flats I saw IRL. Really quite beautiful!!
  8. From the pic, I think Navy is in a brighter tone than the purple and red we saw so far..... and by far, this is my favorite among the 3...
  9. very pretty!
    When are they saying that will be available in the states?
  10. Tdf!
  11. It is stunning!
  12. Mmmmmm, looks so pretty!
  13. thanks for sharing! the S/S lookbook has a big pic of it too! really pretty color!
  14. yummy!
  15. Ohhh, it looks very pretty in the pic! :tup: :heart: Thanks for posting this Sam!! :heart: I'm going to resist this though, because I already have comparable bags. ;) Can't wait to see it IRL though! :nuts: