Ojon = Oh yikes!

  1. hey all,

    I love the product samples that come with sephora, beautysak.com etc...don't you?

    Well I am a hair product junkie given I have wavy hair that frizzes and poofs easily. My GHD flat iron is on the way...could be my HG product who knows?

    I had a sample of Ojon's restorative hair treatment and I just wanted to share it made my hair super greasy and flat, which is rare for me with hair products. It is pretty much wonderful smelling oils with nuts in it too. [​IMG]

    Thankfully it was Friday and no major meetings today...proceed with caution if you want to try this! It may be worth it for a super deep conditioning treatment to wrap in a towel and leave on overnight.
  2. If you want to try it again, go to the QVC Beauty Banter Board for tips on how to use it. You may have used too much. Personally, I don't like it.

    FYI, Estee Lauder bought the company a month or two ago. The former owner of Ojon is going to remain with the company and continue to appear on QVC, AFAIK.
  3. ^^ thanks, sunsets! Will check it out...it's rare that too much product affects my freaky weird hair but it wouldn't surprise me in this case!

  4. Hmm, weird. I've never had that experience. I love Ojon. Maybe it just clashes with some people's hair.
  5. I LOVE Ojon! When I first started using it, I had that problem, but I think you're using too much also. You just need about a pinch for it to work properly since it's oily to begin with. :yes:
    I shampoo and condition, then put a bit of the restorative treatment in and leave it in for about 10 mins, then rinse it out.
  6. ^^ Cool, thanks again! Normally sample sizes aren't enough on my hair (thick, wavy, highlights) so I will keep that in mind with Ojon! At best case, the leftover I have all day today means even more fabulous hair for Saturday date night, right??
  7. No problem! It does take a little while to see how much is best for your hair and also, you want to avoid doing your roots with it, that'll really make your hair look flat. My hair is super thick and poufy in general and even I had flat roots after using too much the first time lol. So just stick to putting it onto the middle and end areas of your hair and it should work better. :tup:
  8. This is a great brand, and very environmentally friendly. They get one of their ingredients from a tree in the Honduras jungle, and they give back a portion of their proceeds to the indigenous people there for their education. It makes me like their products more!
  9. Yes, this was my first time using any Ojon products. I did like the shampoo a LOT.
  10. Actually, you are supposed to use it on dry hair. I have never had a greasy problem with it and my hair is so full of body after I use it. Try it on dry hair (per the directions) and I think you will see a difference.
  11. I tried it and didn't like it either. It made my hair super flat. Maybe I put too much in...I'll have to try it again.
  12. I love ojon treatment. I put it on while my hair is dry, and then usually clean up the house a bit, and then hop in the shower.--wash and condition and my hair always looks great afterwards. I have thick, very coarse hair. Maybe you used a bit much for your hair. I usually just take about a dime size for my hair.
  13. I have to be so careful with products that claim to take care of frizzies. They are usually too greasy for me... it's not just this one.