OJ with breakfast, lunch and dinner??

  1. After months and months of waiting a hardworking H SA finally found me the bag in my color choice.

    Here are some healthy OJ to go with your dinner, lunch or breakfast, depending where you are...
    lindy1 copy.jpg lindy2 copy.jpg
  2. orange birkin??
  3. Any guesses?? :confused1:
  4. Orange or potiron bag?
    No long stripteases please ... :graucho:
  5. I am guessing kellly
  6. No stripetease...but I have been told patience is a virtue... :graucho:
  7. Okay. One more picture before my afternoon errands.
    lindy3 copy.jpg
  8. I am at a loss based on the angle of the shot of the box....
  9. orange kelly???
  10. My guess is it's Miss Kelly. Can't wait to see!
  11. hum... starting to look more like a kelly to me too, since the box is almost square. I know my 28cm kelly's box is almost square too....
  12. I'm guessing a kelly too. Hmmmm black box??
  13. Birkin, baby!!!! Yes??? Yes?????
  14. Show us the goods!!!!
  15. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: