OJ Simpson

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  1. I do not totally understand the concept of this book. Is he admitting he did it?
  2. He makes me sick :throwup:- I still remember where I was when the verdict came in that he found not guilty. I feel so sorry for his kids....
  3. That man is such a piece of trash. Shameless...
  4. WTF is he thinking?? I can even describe how sleezy that is...what a jerk.
  5. I was in college when the first trial was going on. We all gathered around the big tv in the student center to hear the verdict. There were more black students there than white ones. When the verdict was read, all of the black students were cheering and screaming and turning over chairs. I was scared I was going to be hit by a flying chair!
  6. I just don't know what to think about him, the only thing that comes to mind is , WHAT AN A@@HOLE he is with no shame!!!
  7. He is such a slim ball! I was at The Forge restaurant in Miami and he was there with 5 girls and a football player. I was walking by and he started drooling and staring at my cleavage. :rant: :mad: I gave him a dirrrrrty look, like how dare he, he doesnt get special treatment from just because he is a celebrity and i got creeped out. I cant stand guys that do that because I have very large breasts but i got especially creeped out by him. Now because of double jeopardy they can't put him on trial again, but the audacity ! What an ASS!:cursing: :censor:
  8. It's almost seems like he wants everyone to know he did it and is laughing in his head "Ha Ha Ha I got away with it and you can't do anyhting about it Ha Ha Ha " :censor: :sick: :devil: :rant: what an ASS!!!!
  9. sick!!
  10. He is flaunting his total guiltiness to the whole world, and he is laughing at us because he knows he did it, and there is nothing anybody can do. All he can do is make more money off his guilt. He is an a@@hole!
  11. He is not an *******, or a sicko, or a mere slim ball, he is a sociopath.
    Fox is a crap news network, but to air an interview with this guy is too much.

    Call Fox and let them know that you will not watch this crap on their network 1-888-369-4762. Or email them at viewerservices@foxnews.com
  12. I couldn't have said it better. I agree wholeheartedly.
  13. ^^^Well said! It's dispicable!
  14. I hope no one watches the show or buys the book. It's sickening. Those poor kids. I can't imaging knowing that your father killed your mother & got away with it.

    So disgusting.